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"Square is tiny translate platform in coordination " achieve international banne
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Chinese Chinese informatics can be in software park of Beijing Chinese Academy of Sciences on July 14, 2008 the organization was held by Shenyang case small software finite liability company (center of intelligence of Shen Hang man-machine) of research and development " be based on pilot of intellectual management and intelligence to translate platform in coordination " technical achievement. Appraisal committee of experts by Ni Guangna, He Xingui famous expert comprises 2 academician and machine translation domain. Appraisal committee thinks consistently: Development unit is based on the country that its assume 863 tasks -- " the confluence of machine translation and intellectual management technique " of research and development " be based on intellectual management and intelligent pilot to translate platform in coordination " finish satisfactorily already. This research is using intellectual management technique to realize man-machine two-way translate a respect to achieve international in coordination banner level.

"Square is tiny translate platform in coordination " Zhang Guiping of project group leader, the research field that machine translation is full of a challenge this chose during assiduously studying a graduate student 1986; Favour attended 1988 by Japan (ODA) invest " medium, day, imprint, horse, peaceful character of 10 thousand mandarin machine translation " project; Went back to the motherland 1995 established center of intelligence of Shenyang boat man-machine, took the lead in rolling out " round-the-world emissary " series much article is planted processing software. Through persistent exploration of 20 years, dictionary of automatic interpreter → translates → to assist the course of research and development that reads → to assist interpreter → to translate atelier; On summary of hard to machine translation development course and the foundation that think over, the knowledge that put forward to be core with user model manages as shirt-sleeve as machine translation technology new idea, realized a technology to tackle key problem demand serves, the language analyses information changeover, data drive manages to knowledge, the man-machine that difficulty cuts whole process to serve is translated in coordination, revealed machine translation to move toward economic wide perspective, started the new way that man-machine syncretic translates.

"Square is tiny translate platform in coordination " basically include: In coordination translation system, pledge in coordination check system, proofread system of system, knowledge management, task to run system and series kit in coordination, the extensive knowledge base that is based on domain noumenon to build includes bilingual term 26 million, double statement opens resource to the 9 million trends that waits for a variety of correlation; The confluence of intellectual management and machine translation technology is passed on the base that establishs user condition model and user behavior model, make each system the knowledge in trends is gotten and can sharing interpreter process, pass system and user, user and user work in coordination, realized the effective loop of the knowledge in whole process and collective 増 profit, ensured thereby user (interpreter personnel) get with systematic advantage the biggest turn play; In data of large-scale science and technology (be like: The 1 million patent of 200 million Chinese character) remarkable applied result obtains in translating a project to carry out: Work in coordination in 500 users, wrong rate does not exceed 1.5 ‰ (standard of national interpreter quality) below premise, average interpreter efficiency rises 2 to 4 times.
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