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NEC invents mobile phone of world head money to use instant and automatic transl
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Company of Japan's biggest computer firm NEC announces 30 days, first on-line translation software of world that uses at the mobile phone comes out, had its help, the Japanese that transmits in handset can be translated into English immediately.

According to the report, should receive after hearing Japanese speech, the hand opportunity that installation has this kind of software is shown on screen instantly communicate content, after 1 second, corresponding English interpreter can appear on screen.

NEC company says, mobile phone not implementation of help of outside of have the aid of is translated automatically, this still is belonged to in the whole world first. This newest software is shirt-sleeve sound identifying and interpreter function, compositive go up in chip of computer of a miniature, need embedded mobile phone only can. It can identify word of about 5000 Japanese.

NEC company shows, tell from technical level, implementation English is phonic the interpreter is a likelihood, but the company plans without this respect temporarily, of software appear on the market date also did not decide. Company spokesman blessing yuan fill saying: "We need to continue to consider how essence of life distinguishs speech definitely. Another task is, the speaking content that how lets him understanding of the other side whether by accurate interpreter. "

Origin: Xinhua net

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