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The network paraphrase influence to the interpreter
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[news of plan world network] information society information explosion, update rapid, you whether already ready? Know the heat on the net is sowed " " is espionage shadow heavy " " how be translated with English? The English argument that how should use a tunnel introduces famous Beijing to foreign friend fastfood " a form of usury in the old society " ? Of the popularity on the net " Orz " the abbreviate that what is after all? -- had bulk to have desktop dictionary cabinetly fortunately, its are powerful " network paraphrase " the function lets these " artful " what the interpreter changes is so easy to do.

After all what is network paraphrase?

"Network paraphrase " it is to show search engine takes billions of huge webpage through catching, through webpage extraction the technology finds the character that each other concerns for the interpreter from which, again it is optimal that what second number comes decide according to the frequency that they appear in different webpage, most the interpreter result with accurate essence. This one intelligence matchs a method, need has powerful search engine tiring-room to serve as a foundation, the real time that just can assure network lexicon is updated and measure memory indefinitely, the network paraphrase function that searchs engine implementation at the same time is not confined to a vocabulary, still can offer the multilingual condition illustrative sentence that comes from Internet. This one function by have initiate, in loving PowerWord, at present Yahoo interpreter, golden hill all can find similar function.

Make an example, if we imagine Internet into the ocean of information, so constant presence a certain number of " conch " , their half is Chinese, and other in part is English, often be to use bracket between each other () or quote " " come annotate. If we such a pair Chinese and English match regard as " conch " , so we are scooped up in boundless and indistinct sea search piece all such conch -- and they are likely just about the explanation with a certain Chinese and English most relevant vocabulary entry. Network paraphrase passes pair of huge webpage data to undertake an analysis namely, once any burgeoning vocabularies appear the metropolis is rapid by " capture " , find English word and Chinese between match each other, generate automatically giant, but automatic and seasonable updated lexicon, let you can be in this abstruse information ocean, with one action searchs the ablaze pearl that needs to you!

See " have desktop dictionary " the figure that has 2M volume only, is somebody afraid the meeting is interrogative such " small figure " how dare profess to there is magnanimity " big appetite " ? The product engineer that has according to Netease introduces, the interpreter principle that has desktop dictionary and general dictionary software differ somewhat, not pure rely on those who install this machine to leave line lexicon, data of its powerful search engine tiring-room mixes back " the webpage is extractive " technology, the of all kinds and burgeoning vocabulary that gives traditional dictionary to cannot be collected from the abstraction in billions of huge webpage and English abbreviate, wait like full name of name of work of movie and TV, brand name, celebrity, place name, professional term. Because the webpage content on Internet always is updated, because this has desktop dictionary,offerred vocabulary and illustrative sentence also are met subsequently trends is newer, on Internet of general of as a result newest, most the cruel, freshest Chinese and English vocabulary and sentential catch the whole lot in an action. It is at present in 1.1 formal edition include pass the vocabulary of 1 million and practical illustrative sentence, be equivalent to making every user free obtain 2000 " English 900 " -- know size of digital photograph file like same Zhang Pu have desktop dictionary, however the ability receiving refute because of its and capacious Internet, it is OK to become whole Internet resource has drive as a whole of operation " interpreter engine " , let a person can't help plainting what after searching engine technology and desktop software confluence, bring is magical with powerful, can say to had a dictionary to be being accorded with namely small strong another name -- Tiny But Strong!
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