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Machine translation considers to make progress
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So called machine translation (Machine Translation, MT) it is to point to benefit to translate a kind of language into the process of additionally one kind of language with computer technology. Tell on traditional sense, machine translation points to text machine translation commonly, be about to the text that the text of a kind of natural language translates into additionally one kind of natural language (Text-to-text Translation) . In last few years, as the rapid development of speech technology and communication technology, speech is translated (Speech Translation) since rise suddenly of research bitter fleabane, got rapid progress. Speech interpreter is to point to benefit to use computer technology to realize the speech from a kind of natural language to the interpreter of the speech of additionally one kind of natural language process (Speech-to-speech Translation, SST) . Because most speech turns formal performance with spoken language, for example, face-to-face chat, call, the speech, accordingly, speech interpreter calls spoken language the interpreter again (Spoken Language Translation, SLT) . When at present people mentions machine translation idea, text interpreter and speech can be covered to translate two kinds on broad sense, the input of text translation system and output all are text, and speech (spoken language) the input of the translation system and output all are speech.

Machine translation is to involve the omnibus research task of a variety of course such as artificial intelligence, maths, linguistics, computational linguistics and speech technology and technology, belong to domain of international forward position, will be considered as information society to have one of research tasks that challenge a gender most to computer technology all the time for years. Accordingly, the scientific import that machine translation studies is self-evident. In the meantime, machine translation technology has huge applied demand, as the arrival of economic globalization times, how to overcome language barrier to had become the problem that international society faces jointly. Company of American Allied Business Intelligence(ABI) once translated the market to had made investigation to the world, the interpreter market dimensions 2005 already amounted to 220 much dollars. In European Union committee, the interpreter fee with each annual orgnaization amounts to 1 billion much euro, to language of 20 kinds of governments, every kinds of language needs staff of 80 oral interpretation everyday. Concerned investigation makes clear, at present China has 100 to translate personnel more, among them personnel of interpreter of science and technology amounts to 40 much people, domestic interpreter annual produce is in about 6 billion yuan of RMB. Besides, machine translation technology still has huge allure to information branch, because increasingly the information information such as the much language politics of increase sharply, economy, military affairs already made information branch can'ts bear heavy burden, rely on to be translated artificially and be read only impossible already. Accordingly, american national defence considers to plan beforehand bureau (DARPA) with the European Union the 6th frame devoted gigantic endowment the research that develops this one technology. This shows, machine translation has extremely wide application perspective. Can say, come for years machine translation is international academia, business circles from beginning to end even military circles is collective the contends for surely ground of contend.
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