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As A Universal Character Set That Includes All Characters Of The World, unicode Assigns Code Points To Its Characters By 16-bit Integers, which Means That Up To 65, 536 Characters Can Be Encoded. However, due To The Huge Set Of CJK Characters, this Has Become Insufficient, and Unicode 3.0 Has Extended The Index To 21 Bits, which Will Support Up To 1, 114, 112 Characters.

Unicode is a character set that included all character on the world, with 16 integer codes character finger, can code namely most 65, 536 character. But, as a result of the giant dimensions of CJK character set, also use even this capacity not quite, because this Unicode 3.0 grows index word,expand 21, support is amounted to 1, 114, 112 character.

= planar =

Unicode Code Point Is A Numeric Value Between 0 And 10FFFF, divided Into Planes Of 64K Characters. In Unicode 4.0, allocated Planes Are Plane 0, 1, 2 And 14.

Unicode encode finger is one is in 0 with the numerical value between 10FFFF, cent becomes 64K the plane that character constitutes. In Unicode 4.0, distributive plane is planar 0, 1, 2 with 14.

Plane 0, ranging From 0000 To FFFF, is Called Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) , which Is The Set Of Characters Assigned By The Previous 16-bit Scheme.

Planar 0, from 0000 to FFFF, call basic multiligualism plane (Basic Multilingual Plane, BMP) , the character set that issues by the 16 coding system in the past is comprised.

Plane 1, ranging From 10000 To 1FFFF And Called Supplementary Multilingual Plane (SMP) , is Dedicated To Lesser Used Historic Scripts, special-purpose Invented Scripts And Special Notations. These Include Gothic, shavian And Musical Symbols. Many More Historic Scripts May Be Encoded In This Plane In The Future.

Planar 1, from 10000 to 1FFFF, call auxiliary multiligualism plane (Supplementary Multilingual Plane, SMP) , use at the ancient writing that uses lesser, the character of special purpose and special symbol. These characters include written language of elder brother spy, shavian character and music score symbol. May more ancient writing will be gone to by encode in this plane henceforth.

Plane 2, ranging From 20000 To 2FFFF And Called Supplementary Ideographic Plane (SIP) , is The Spillover Allocation Area For Those CJK Characters That Cannot Fit Into The Blocks For Common CJK Characters In The BMP. Plane 14, ranging From E0000 To EFFFF And Called Supplementary Special-purpose Plane (SSP) , is For Some Control Characters That Do Not Fit Into The Small Areas Allocated In The BMP.

Planar 2, from 20000 to 2FFFF, call auxiliary ideograph plane (Supplementary Ideographic Plane, SIP) , in be being used at accommodating BMP, general CJK character does not contain the section of the character below. Planar 14, arrive from E0000 EFFFF, call plane of auxiliary special purpose (Supplementary Special-purpose Plane, SSP) , be the control character preparation that the finite zonule in be BMP cannot accommodate.
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