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Sino-Japanese contrast computer vocabulary (Sino-Japanese part)
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ど る of も of the へ on A

ド   of ー of コ of ー of キ of ス of ア of ASCII Ma(3) of ASC I I [ASCII Code]
ド   of ー of モ of ー of ナ of マ of quiet mode An(1)jing(4) Mo(2)shi(4) [Maner Mode]
ィ   of テ of リ of ュ of キ of セ of safe An(1)quan(2) [Security]
ル   of ー of ホ of ィ of テ of リ of ュ of キ of セ of safe flaw An(1)quan(2) Lou(4)dong(4) [Security Hole]
る   of す of ル of ー of ト of ス of ン of イ of installation An(1)zhuang(1) [Install]

ど る of も of the へ on B

1 million Bai(3)wan(4) Xiang(4)su(4) resembling element " 単 " 〔 million of = of   of ル of セ of ク of メ ガ ピ resembles element 〕   [Mega-pixel]
Mottled bamboo Ban(1)zhu(2) (common に ) edition of 〔 of = of BBS の management person advocate 〕
ン   of ョ of ジ of ー of バ of version Ban(3)ben(3) [Version]
Board ド of ー of Ban(3)ka(3) ボ ? カ ー ド 類
権 of composing of edition 権 Ban(3)quan(2) ; ト   of イ of ラ of コ ピ ー [Copyright]
Board の of Ban(3)zhuan(1) (BBS へ ) み   of 書 き 込 [Brick]
辧 is fair change ン of ョ of シ of ー of メ of ト of ー of オ of ス of ィ of フ of オ of Ban(4)gong(1) Zi(4)dong(4)hua(4) from 動 ; OA is changed [Office Automation]
Half horn / full role cuts 換 to press half horn of 紐 Ban(4)jiao(3) Quan(2)jiao(3) Qie(1)huan(4) An(4)niu(3) / full role cuts り to replace え キ ー
Ban(4)jiao(3) Zi(4)fu(2) of half horn character half actor script [Single-byte Charactor]
Half duplex operation Ban(4)shuang(1)gong(1) is weighed partly (communication means)
幇 aids プ   of ル of Bang(1)zhu(4) ヘ [Help]
Save Bao(3)cun(2) to save す る ; 書 き saves す る   on [Save]
す る of ト of ク of テ of ロ of プ of the Bao(3)hu(4) that protect 護
プ of ッ of ア of ク of ッ of バ of 備 Bei(4)fen(4) ; る   of す of プ of ッ of ア of バ ッ ク [Backup]
... times fast... Bei(4)su(4) ... times fast
β of Bei(4)ta(3)ban(3) of 貝 tower edition (ベ ー タ ) edition
"Go straight towards 騰 " Ben(1)teng(2) ? Business 標 ? " ア ム of ィ of ペ ン テ "   [Pentium]
ル   of カ of ー of ロ of this locality Ben(3)di(4) [Local]
This locality changes ズ   of イ of ラ of カ of ー of Ben(3)di(4)hua(4) ロ [Localize]
This 筆 記 電 ン of コ of ソ of パ of ト of ー of ノ of 脳 Bi(3)ji(2)ben(3) Dian(4)nao(3) [Notebook Computer; Notebook]
Mural 紙 of mural 紙 Bi(4)zhi(3) [Wallpaper]
す る of グ of ン of ミ of ラ of グ of ロ of プ of 編 Cheng Bian(1)cheng(2)
Character 語 of ム of ラ of グ of ロ of プ of Bian(1)cheng(2) Yu(3)yan(2) of character of 編 Cheng 語
編 輯 implement タ   of ィ of デ of Bian(1)ji(2)qi(4) エ [Editor]
ド   of ー of コ of ン of エ of 編 碼 Bian(1)ma(3) [Encode]
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