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Speech of Yang Lan Shen Ao translates manuscript
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Mr. President, ladies And Gentlemen, good Afternoon!
Chairman gentleman, each guest, everybody good afternoon!
Before I Introduce Our Cultural Programs, I Want To Tell You One Thing First About 2008. You're Going To Have A Great Time In Beijing.
Our literacy program introduces in me, above all I should tell you one is concerned at the thing of 2008, you will spend a paragraph of good time in Beijing.
China Has Its Own Sport Legends. Back To Song Dynasty, about The 11th Century, people Started To Play A Game Called Cuju, which Is Regarded As The Origin Of Ancient Football. The Game Was Very Popular And Women Were Also Participating. Now, you Will Understand Why Our Women Football Team Is So Good Today.
China has his sports romance. Return Song Dai, about 11 centuries, people begins to play to make kick the game that bring up, this is regarded to be the origin with old football. This game is very popular, the woman also attends. Now, you can understand, why our woman football team is so fierce.
There Are A Lot More Wonderful And Exciting Things Waiting For You In New Beijing, a Dynamic Modern Metropolis With 3, 000 Years Of Cultural Treasures Woven Into The Urban Tapestry. Along With The Iconic Imagery Of The Forbidden City, the Temple Of Heaven And The Great Wall, the City Offers An Endless Mixture Of Theatres, museums, discos, all Kinds Of Restaurants And Shopping Malls That Will Amaze And Delight You.
Still have more and wonderful thing waiting for you. Be in new Beijing, a red-blooded modernization is metropolitan, interweave the urban features of the culture treasure 3000, the Forbidden City that accompanying indicative image, the Temple of Heaven, Great Wall is spreading out to you, this city is having diversity all sorts of cinema, museum, ballroom, cafeteria and shopping centers, letting you feel surprise and excitement.
But Beyond That, it Is A Place Of Millions Of Friendly People Who Love To Meet People From Around The World. People Of Beijing Believe That The 2008 Olympic Games In Beijing Will Help To Enhance The Harmony Between Our Culture And The Diverse Cultures Of The World. Their Gratitude Will Pour Out In Open Expressions Of Affection For You And The Great Movement That You Guide.
But besides, it is one gets millions of loving, can satisfy the city of the person that comes from a whole world. Beijing people believes, beijing Olympic Games promoted the harmony of China and Chinese Hong Kong conduce 2008, our culture will be as multivariate as the world culture blends each other. They can express the expect feeling to the Olympic Games publicly, you can witness the culture communication between you and great movement.
Within Our Cultural Programs, education And Communication Will Receive The Highest Priority. We Seek To Create An Intellectual And Sporting Legacy By Broadening The Understanding Of The Olympic Ideals Throughout The Country.
In our culture development, education and communication will get preferential development, we want to create an intelligence and sports record, travel in order to enlarge the Olympic Games dream that people place realizes at countrywide each district.
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