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Chinese law contrasts vocabulary of special subject of French National Day
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Te Nationale Des Fran of ê of Mots Et Expressions Sur La F? Ais

[editor's note] annual French National Day is about, " the friendly Eden of French " website and rich guest roll out Chinese law to close a vocabulary to taking a picture now, consult for broad netizen and French lover. In the meantime, we state to French friend cordial festival is congratulated here.

French National Day

F ê Te Nationale Des Fran? Ais

1789 the French Revolution

R é Volution Fran? 〔 of Aise De 1789 1789, 1799, the revolution of shock France moves, on September 10, 1792, announce to abolish monarch is made, build republican makes 〕

Razzia bus 厎 jail

〔 of Prise De La Bastille on July 14, 1789, parisian masses razzias of old system and king indicative, the Bastille, declare great revolution to erupt La Prise De La Bastille Par Les Parisiens, le 14 Juillet 1789, gime of é of Qui Donna Le Signal De La Destruction De L'Ancien R, appara? é of Gorie De La R of é of T Comme L'all Volution. 〕

" human rights and attainder enunciative "
D é Claration Des Droits De L ' Claration Des Droits De L'Homme Et Du Citoyen Du 26 Ao of é of D of 〔 of Homme Et Du Citoyen? T 1789, published on August 26, 1789, the right 〕 that announces the citizen has free, equality, belongings to reach revolt to oppress inviolably

Free · is equal · humanitarian

Libert é - é Galit é - Fraternit é
Collect Bai Si shelters Er
Benefit of sago of mark of Maximilien Robespierre 〔 installs · Luo Baisi to shelter Er, 1758, 1794, french bourgeois revolutionist, elegant each guest sends leader 〕
The horse is pulled

Jean-Paul Marat 〔 lets - Paul · Ma La, 1743-1793, the politician Homme Politique Et Journaliste Fran of period of the French Revolution? 〕 of Ais D'origine Suisse
Red east
Tall of 〔 of Georges Jacques Danton treats · Jacques Dandong, 1759-1794, the politician of period of the French Revolution 〕

National Day military review 〔 on July 14 〕

Militaire Du 14 Juillet of é of D é Fil

The Elysee Palace (buffet) party

E of é of Lys of é of L' of à of R é Ception(-buffet)

Celebrate joyously

Brer Dans La Joie of é of C é L

Put smoke and fire

Tirer Des Feux D'artifice

Message of congratulation

Licitations of é of Gramme De F of é of Message/t é L

Congratulate case
Licitations of é of Message De F

Flange on the west republic
R é Publique Fran? Aise
French government
Gouvernement Fran? Ais
S é Nat
National parliament
Assembl é E Nationale

Constitution committee

Conseil Constitutionnel
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