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Summertime Olympic project (Sino-Japanese contrast)
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ク of ッ of ピ of ン of summertime オ リ ... ... " abstruse 運 meets the summer " (Xiaaohui) Xia4ji4 Ao4yun4hui4

ど る of も of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of Tian2jing4 of 徑 of cropland of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of ability of the 競 on 陸
Tian2sai4 of 賽 of cropland of ability of 競 of ド of ル of フ ィ ー
Walk along り to jump high Tiao4gao1 of   of び high jump
Walk along り jump び jumps 遠   Tiao4yuan3
The club jumps high Cheng1gan1 Tiao4gao1 of び high jump
3 paragraphs jump 3 級 of び jump 遠 San1ji2 Tiao4yuan3
砲 bolus casts Qian1qiu2 of   of げ 鉛 ball
円 盤 casts Tie3bing3 of   of げ 鉄 餅
ー of ハ ン マ casts Lian4qiu2 of げ    
や り casts Biao1qiang1 of   of げ 標 槍
(Man) ability of 10 種 競 (man) Shi2xiang4 Quan2neng2 of 10 項 all-round
(Woman) ability of 7 種 競 (woman) Qi1xiang4 Quan2neng2 of 7 項 all-round
Jing4sai4 of 賽 of 徑 of ability of 競 of ク of ト ラ ッ
100 M Yi4bai3mi3pao3 of 100 meters of  
200 M Er4bai3mi3pao3 of 200 meters of  
400 M Si4bai3mi3pao3 of 400 meters of  
800 M Ba1bai3mi3pao3 of 800 meters of  
1500 M 1500 meters of Yi4qian1wu3bai3mi3pao3
5000 M 5000 meters of Wu3qian1mi3pao3
10 thousand M Yi2wan4mi3pao3 of 10 thousand meters of  
ル of ド of ー of 110 M ハ crosses 欄 Yi4bai3shi2mi3 Kua4lan2pao3 110 meters
ル of ド of ー of 400 M ハ crosses 欄 Si4bai3mi3 Kua4lan2pao3 400 meters
3000 M barrier kills San1qian1mi3 Zhang4ai4pao3 of 3000 meters of obstacles
ー of レ of 400 M リ Si4bai3mi3 Jie1li4 of   of 400 meters of relay
ー of レ of 1600 M リ Yi4qian1liu4bai3mi3 Jie1li4 of 1600 meters of relay
競 歩 競 walks along Jing4zou3
20 kilometer 競 walks along 歩 of 競 of 20 k M Er4shi2 Gong1li3 Jing4zou3
50 kilometer 競 walks along 歩 of 競 of 50 k M Wu3shi2 Gong1li3 Jing4zou3
馬 of ン of マ ラ ソ pulls loose Ma3la1song1
遊of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of Shui Yong   swim ど る of も of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of You2yong3    
競 swim 遊swim You2yong3
50m/100m/200m/400m/(woman) 800m/(man) woman of 50m/100m/200m/400m/(of 1500m   free look) 800m/(man) 1500m
Crawl Zi4you2yong3
100m/200m is carried on the back swim Yang3yong3 of ぎ 100m/200m backstroke
Wa1yong3 of breaststroke of 100m/200m of ぎ of 100m/200m Ping Yong
Die2yong3 of butterfly stroke of 100m/200m of イ of ラ of フ of タ of 100m/200m バ
Ge4ren2 Hun4he2yong3 of medley relay of person of 個 of 200m/400m of ー of レ of ド of メ of 200m/400m 個 person
Jie1li4 of relay of 400m/800m of ー of レ of 400m/800m   リ
400m of ー of レ of リ of ー of レ of ド of 400m メ mixes relay Hun4he2 Jie1li4
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