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I become an interpreter to the premier
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Fei Shengchao Cost gets the better of tide

"Won't translate never mind, the interpreter became wrong can be no good.

, -- Premier Wen Ceng Gao appeals to Fei Shengchao

On March 16, 2007, people congress hall, premier of Home Wen treasure is in National People's Congress of 10 whole nations answers reporter of China and foreign countries to quiz leisurely on the news conference of 5 conferences. Beside Premier Wen, a youth is translated in record of the apace on paper, translating fluently. He is called Fei Shengchao, accompany national leader to had visited 50 many countries early or late. In incident of a few great international, often can lead the form that he discovers by the side of person in China.

Need to exceed strong memory half an year thin circuit

1973, fei Shengchao is born in Hubei Wuhan a scholarly family. Fei Shengchao is an activist as a child, be fond of each activity that the school conducts, have " young diplomat " say. After in going up, learning, fei Shengchao generated strong interest to knowledge of aviation, shipping, enginery, often look for foreign language book to read, aroused him to learn English passion inadvertently.

When high school graduates, the Fei Shengchao hopeful with full-scale development is recommended university of Beijing foreign language, but he signed up for the Wuhan university with discipline more complete system however. He thinks, there is many development course all the time actually before everybody. One matriculate, fei Shengchao take as an elective course the double degree of economics, join the school early or late many mass organizations.

The summer at the beginning of 1996, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will to Wuhan university recruit interpreter talented person. With the organ of extremely rich magnetism, outstanding spoken language, strong course base, fei Shengchao passes sea choosing, first try and second-round exam smoothly. The Fei Shengchao after difficult military training ends is informed: The renown school the best of its kind that is provoked every year to enter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so like oneself is strange have 200 much people, and finally only 4-6 person can enter office of interpreter room English.

A day, an elder takes everybody into a room, scroll of a small TV broadcasts inside British BBC and American CNN the news of two channel, and changing a table ceaselessly. Elder sends a word: "You are listening first. " in a few minutes, elder sends a word again: "You write down former word now. " they are stupefied, it is to changing so law exam. The requirement that diplomacy of this ability understanding translates everybody: It is good to should translate strength not only, and have even exceed strong memory. Through the training of close half an year, thin the Fei Shengchao of circuit shows itself from inside everybody, become interpreter of English of Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally.
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