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Zhang Meifang talks about Macao interpret couplet to meet: The interpreter studi
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Zhang Meifang talks about Macao interpret couplet to meet: The interpreter studies more internationalization Compere: Each netizen everybody is good, the 18th world translates congress to be in Chinese Shanghai to hold at coming 7 days on August 2. Up to now, the interpreter home that comes from world each district has touched Shanghai in succession, our China interview also makes forwardly the report for you. Today (3 days) introduce this honored guest beside me for everybody, vice-chairman Ms. Zhang Meifang that comes from Macao to translate federation. Welcome you!

Zhang Meifang: Friends, everybody is good! Very glad to meet with everybody here, this is first time follows friends to meet on the net.

Compere: Ms. Zhang, translate the vice-chairman of federation as Macao, the development state of affairs that asks you to introduce interpreter career to be in Macao to us? How many person does current federation have? When does it hold water?

Macao interpret couplet meets an interpreter consider more internationalization

Zhang Meifang: Everybody knows the likelihood, macao is a multilingual area, official language is Chinese and Pu article, english is to use the language of a job in a lot of orgnaizations extensively, for instance Macao university, a lot of big company, their working language is English, was being translated in the past hundreds of years so is very active.

Macao has had several interpreters society actually. We translate federation this to call Macao interpret couplet, held water last year, share 63 members now. Actually the member is to come from university of Macao university, science and technology of Macao technical institute, Macao, still have transducer form of the government, and transducer compose of folk. So this organization is a practice and the organization that research joins.

Compere: After you think Macao interpret couplet holds water, does to the interpreter of Macao the career have what kind ofly to urge action? What are Chinese inland and Macao translating the communication of the respect to cooperate to have?

Zhang Meifang: This also is the goal that Macao interpret couplet establishs. The translates association to follow the outside connection in the past is relatively a few less, after our interpreter federation holds water, had mixed actually Chinese interpret assist the communication activity that has a lot of, it is in Chinese interpret assist below the leader, we were participated in. We should attend international interpret couplet again now, make so the research activity that Macao translates more internationalization.

Apply forum of Asian interpreter home let the world 2010 understanding Macao

Compere: Mention Macao interpret couplet, all of us pays close attention to a thing very much, it is it was participated in apply the Asia translated a forum 2010. What is the original intention that excuse me you apply? 63 members, do you feel to want to undertake what kind of difficulty do a such congress have?
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