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Tang Wen is unripe: Future of Chinese interpreter career is like bright and beau
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"What I hope you can realize we are engaged in jointly is very great, significant, but very hardy also undertaking. I hope you have this courage to stride this career in, make contribution for this career. Between your lifetime, because your effort kept a track on the world,also meet, had a bit effect to the development of whole society and progress. When I want to close an eye in us, won't regret. " Chinese interpret assist standing vice-chairman, the interpreter home Tang Wen with our very famous country gave birth to a lady to accept interview of China of Chinese net · interview.

Honored guest: Chinese interpreter association is standing vice-chairman Tang Wen is unripe

Time: On August 9 10:00

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Interpreter career of China is an enterprise that promoting, it has the prospect of infinite happiness.

[Chinese net] :

Each netizen everybody is good, the welcome watchs Chinese interview. This honored guest that is everybody introduction today is Chinese interpret assist standing vice-chairman, the interpreter home Tang Wen with our very famous country gives birth to a lady. Special reception program of interview of China of your be a guest.

[Tang Wen is born] :

Thank, I am very glad also.

[Chinese net] :

The Tang Dynasty chairman, this world interpreter congress is to be in first Asia, hold in China, what can your ginseng have to experience the netizen with results and our China net to be shared these days?

[Tang Wen is born] :

This grand meeting I feel first-rate. Because attend a meeting,have 1500 much people, came 10 several countries, also did not have in the past so large-scale, light is Finland came 80 many people, there is an orgnaization over there them special and contributive come to China.

This I am to attend such plenary meeting for the first time, feel special to be close to. Because a lot of people do interpreter work, perhaps groom of the interpreter, so everybody has a lot of common languages. We opened a forum that expresses a respect together yesterday, I attended. In whole meeting, I and very much person of the same trade have communication.

Because be this to be in China to hold for the first time, china had not done so big interpreter mass rally before, and it is in Olympic Games eve, weather particularly burning hot, can worry about this meeting on one hand so the preparation of each respect works can a few brasher, can feel have culpable place. Additionally we should install check, join the person that meet to be able to feel no-go, do not understand. I have a few concern so.

Referring these people of the meeting is a person of the same trade, they are the people of special guileless, it is to do oral interpretation or written translation, perhaps get education, it is related to the interpreter, everybody is very glad to can attend a meeting together. What the person that attend the meeting feels the gist speech of a few congress is told is pretty good, especially the Wu Jianmin's ambassador that China makes a speech the first times. I hear a lot of guests to express, what he tells is very candid, very reasonable, feel special to this speech to have fun at. Heard to living broadcast is made on your net, can find full text. The person that still has international interpret couplet this morning asks me, how can find the speech that Wu Da makes, they feel that is very important, ask can their character? I say not to know the character has there's still time to arrange. He says the word that do not have, can give him CD. I can tell him to be able to watch Chinese network now.
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