She should be translated to chairman of incomplete Olympic committee -- write do

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Had held the position of incomplete of hand of torch of Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing early or late abstruse meeting volunteer grooms incomplete of division, international the interpreter of Keleiwen of abstruse conference chairman, the letter in reply that got Luo Ge of chairman of international Olympic committee... in 22 year that spend jointly with wheelchair, beijing girl Guan Yan never has thought, oneself can written guarantee with sports 2008 the predestined relationship that next indissolubling, and have such envy making a person unforgettable and the life of rich and colorful, come from her sturdy belief and tenacious perseverance just about.

When 14 years old, guan Yan suffers from spinal cord unfortunately oppressive disease, walk ability is lost gradually.

"Him likelihood prefers English, can well goof, so old also insist to come down. " listening deft, actually Guan Yan paid the hardships that envisages hard. Await in those days, she is mixed at TV infatuatedly at the same time the education program in broadcast, at the same time mail-order teaching material teachs oneself, everyday one goggle brain considers a word, recital text arrives from a few words hundreds of words, the uses different color thickly pen on the book undertakes tagging, clip page of the dictionary uses transparent gum stuck stick again.

1994, guan Yan is in of the mother accompany below, will to Dalian learn English two years. After returning Beijing, guan Yan is admitted by abnormality of university of Beijing foreign language again. To do not give the burden is increased in the home, in major while, guan Yan is he is shaking wheelchair walks along a hour hind to take a taxi again, when valuation implement on when showing 15 yuan, come down again a paragraph of road reachs the school. Nowadays, guan Yan already pass an entrance examination English 8 class certificate, assiduously study on-the-job graduate student in Chinese people university, be hired to be network English to coach by center of a long-range education at the same time teacher.

Use oneself strong point, guan Yan became the English assistant of army of place where troops are stationed of boreal new bridge, be hired to be compulsory English teacher by community meal enterprise, obligation teachs English knowledge, still join performed citizen English essay " prepare for war incomplete abstruse meeting " , got the accord of leaders of all levels and audience reputably. 2006, she is tall the ticket is elected " touch east city " social morality character, be called " the Olympic Games emissary on wheelchair " . 2007, she is elected 2008 hand of Olympic Games torch.

Although learn, taught old English, also enter external affairs activity for many times, but received an announcement this year in May, become an interpreter to Keleiwen of chairman of international incomplete Olympic committee, still be a head to Guan Yan. Have a good swim when the Imperial Palace, of Ke Leiwen amiable, talk cheerfully and humourously, let Guan Yan feel the pressure that is less than a bit, discuss the development of Chinese disabled career from respective circumstance, two people spent unforgettable time happily.
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