Wu He year: How to become personnel of qualified advanced oral interpretation

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Had attended to fight beautiful aid government, advanced interpreter reachs room of interpreter of general office of Ceng Ren Ministry of Foreign Affairs the diplomatic mission outside be stationed in is high-level interpreter; Ever answered for many times the the United Nations Secretariat is hired employ, hold the position of U.N. conference simultaneous interpretation in Geneva, new York, Bangkok early or late; Ever held the position of English to translate for the Li Peng, Zhu Rong radical leader central for many times; Begin to teach oral interpretation etc to translate course in diplomatic institute from 60 time... Wu He year the professor is translating the it may be said inside the bound is man of the time.

Face very popular now oral interpretation to groom. The person that Professor Wu warns study notices to distinguish " oral interpretation " with " spoken language " distinction. He says, the difficulty of oral interpretation is a lot of greater than spoken language. Spoken language basically is bilateral dialog, common weighs conversation, it is active; And oral interpretation is passivity, the student with good spoken language also not likely can be competent, it has its extremely high demand to the interpreter's memory and quick response ability.

Professor Wu thinks oral interpretation personnel basically has 3 arrangement. It is personnel of primary oral interpretation above all, through English study of a few years, can do a tourist guide to wait the job a moment; It is personnel of intermediate oral interpretation next, can give run-of-mill conference the translation; It is personnel of advanced oral interpretation again, can think province minister level is higher even do not make oral interpretation. Wu He year professor with " be proficient in bilingual, have wide learning and a retentive memory " the requirement that regards pair of advanced oral interpretation as personnel, the sense of responsibility that emphasizes translating personnel at the same time is the character with indispensable personnel of advanced oral interpretation.

Answer how to train oneself oral interpretation ability to abecedarian, wu He year the professor put forward to suggest as follows:

Go up in curricular setting above all, language class especially oral interpretation class, practice should hold main share.

Should do more next " audition trains " , be opposite especially the audition of foreign language, the pronunciation that gives world each district quite has why to differ, wait like Indian antrum, hamster antrum, France antrum.

Want to impose a practice more again. Learner should make full use of all sorts of conditions and opportunity undertake spoken language is translated, practice an interpreter in see a movie and hearing news for instance, more is searched to practice an opportunity in classroom inside and outside.

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