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Honored guest: Professor of department of literature of character of Arabic of institute of Beijing University foreign language, rich guides intermediate ascends elder brother
Time: 18 days 14: 30
Brief introduction: Since be a rare uncut jade,Arabic learns, we these doing carve it meticulously into a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center with respect to this that what Arabic learns to translate. Have uncut jade and vulture does not become beautiful jade, it is a regretful thing; Vulture is bad, also be a regretful thing. To this group, fall in love at first sight from " " , then " makes " with body photograph, zhong Jikun says frankly nowadays have been loath to part from each other. We listen to an interpreter today domestic Zhong Jikun and " incredible story " story.

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Each netizen good afternoon, the welcome watchs Chinese interview. If say Arabic learns,be a rare uncut jade, so the sculptor that Arabic learns to translate the home to carve its Cheng Meiyu namely. To translating this group, from " fall in love at first sight " then " make with body photograph " , we this today's honored guest says frankly to be opposite nowadays its feeling has been loath to part from each other. Introduce today's honored guest for everybody: Professor of department of literature of character of Arabic of institute of Beijing University foreign language, rich guides Mr Zhong Jikun, let us listen to intermediate to teach grant " incredible story " story.

Intermediate professor makes call with our netizen please.

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Each netizen is good.

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We know you were graduated from Beijing University 1961 east phylum, the job of the education that pursues concerned Arabia all the time next, interpreter and research. We read your material, know you and Arabic had the lot of golden wedding, have 50 old. Ask you to be told to us, what kind of miserable pain was experienced in the research of A language hot, share with us?

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I did a few such works 50 this years, one is to get education, I from get language education, had taught an interpreter, teach literature, language education acquires high grade education from fundamental teaching, teach a doctoral student from undergraduate course, this paragraph is a few jobs that I get education, also develop a few person with abilities. They now is defend in each branches close the mouth, have ministry class cadre, have ambassadorial counselor, also have those who become a professor, the job of each respect has. Will tell from this angle, the someone says: Become a teacher have pupils everywhere. I feel reasonable. But the ancients says have pupils everywhere that is to say says, child also is when resembling aperture master 3000, a person of virtue has 72 only, he is so called " fall all over the sky " , he those a few countries go is to be inside certain province of China. However our " have pupils everywhere " , it is to walk along each world places to be able to be come up against really, you can feel your lifetime does not have white work, did a few works. My education calculates on one hand.
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