Zhuang Yi of professor of college of Beijing foreign language is passed (the who

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Zhuang Yi of professor of college of Beijing foreign language is passed (the whole nation translates professional competence (level) adviser of exam English committee of experts) informal discussion is translated

On September 27, 2005 at Beijing

Interpreter informal discussion () the interpreter's fun
I like an interpreter as a child. When in remembering be on Qingdao, learning, ever became the story interpret in English textbook Chinese, not be to publish, it is to feel purely amusing, and have feeling of a kind of achievement.
After the university graduates, stay outside north to become a teacher, the interpreter that favour attends Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoji, Zhou En to wait for leader composing later and edit the job, the interpreter that enters important file works. I feel to learn a foreign language at that time, can do such work, it is clinking glory, this kind is experienced also lash I try hard to study.
One day, I see a such words:
"Eat one chasm, long one wisdom. "
"A Fall Into The Pit, a Gain In Your Wit. "
Did not think of the world has so good translation unexpectedly, itself is proverbial like, however it is close to with sic again, such be identical, make me open-eyed unceasingly.
I see a such words again later:
Capture this victory, had been not to want long time and do not cost very great strength; consolidates this wins, it is need long time and the business that should cost very great strength.
To Win This Victory Will Not Require Much More Time And Effort, but To Consolidate It Will.
Textual in repeat repetition term, translation did not repeat, a small Will was replaced actually textual the meaning that conveys with more than 20 words. I saw trueborn English here.
Every time I see so good interpret example, be in in one's childhood since after-thought seaside amuse oneself, picking up conch. Below sunshine, that conch is multicoloured, gorgeous, take in the hand, do not carry how glad.
In recent years, entered the authorized job of a few dictionaries. Original book is Ying Ying dictionary, after adding Chinese translation, turn English-Chinese into double solution dictionary. Translation is right incorrect, suitable not suitable, this is authorized person the problem that place should solve. For example:
Textual: The Cold Weather Frosted Up The Track Last Night.
Translation: Cold last night weather made written guarantee on track frost.
Instead: Weather is cold last night, writtened guarantee on track frost.
Textual: My Toes Were Frostbitten From Skating Too Long.
Translation: Skating time is too long make my toe frostbite.
Instead: Skating time is too long, my toe frostbite.
Although,alter not quite, translation is done more clear and coherently, this also is the contribution to the dictionary.
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