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University heat build-up takes an examination of number of interpreter qualifica
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The 5th times the whole nation translates professional competence (level) exam general on November 12, hold 13 days, arrived 10 days on November 7, examinee can log onto a website (Http: / / prints standard textual criticism. The reporter understands, interpreter exam makes book of textual research of university heat build-up, next year exam language will increase 7.

The number breaks up than last year

Mr. Huang that translates professional competence to examine a center according to bureau of Chinese foreign language introduces, the 1682 people that take an exam first from December 2003 sign up, 1629 people to take an examination, development took an exam in November to this year 4573 people enter oneself for an examination, add tester of before last half an year to count, annual shared 10 thousand much person to attend interpreter major qualification to take an exam 2005. Interpreter examinee with year add the impetus of one times to develop.

Interpreter qualification certificate makes book of hot textual research, this year first half of the year statistic, candidate for an entrance examination is close 4 become in school student. Enter oneself for an examination with the student what the number keeps abreast of is interpreter professional, because begin this year, english of 2 class, 3 class translates professional competence (level) written translation, oral interpretation " pass interpret alternately " kind the exam is held in countrywide limits, various places, departmental door undertakes qualificatory evaluation works translating series English interpreter, assistant interpreter to hold a post no longer. The whole nation is unified after undertaking the qualification takes an exam, execute the title with this corresponding language to evaluate the work no longer. After stopping to evaluate, professional technology staff plays corresponding exam only, just have by the qualification of appoint to a position. Additional, because translate the job to be enveloped to go up high pay aureola, very much dilettante person hopes to pass interpreter qualification exam to join interpreter industry.

Develop to comply with an exam, in November 2004, english 2, pilot exam checks qualification of 3 class interpreter the dot increases: Written translation takes an exam in the whole nation 25 cities, oral interpretation takes an exam in the whole nation 15 cities undertake. Additional, interpreter exam language will expand in the round since next year for 7 languages.

Written translation can take this two dictionaries

Be in 2, in exam of course of solid Wu of 3 class written translation, examinee besides need to carry pen of black, blue or ball-point pen, outside 2B pencil, rubber and pencil sharpener, still allow to carry paper flower (day, law) Chinese, Chinese-English (day, law) dictionary each one. This is peerless in countrywide interpreter exam.
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