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English major studies interpreter research of direction, interpreter learns to i
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Interpreter research, the interpreter learns

Open the school: University of university of university of Beijing foreign language, foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language, Shanghai foreign language.

Study content: Basically study Chinese and Western translates theory, interpreter history, skill of mouth, written translation, to the interpreter of famous book of a person of academic or artistic distinction work undertakes admiring analyse, and from which, the different point of view that foreign language changes undertakes contrasting study.

This course is one of trunk course of English linguistics and graduate student of literary major Master, by interpreter theory and practice two parts are comprised. The interpreter basically includes to translate the to textual devree, style analysis in the process and understanding theoretically, the interpreter's function, all sorts of interpreter methods that give priority to with semantic interpreter and intercourse interpreter, translate the concern with culture, the interpreter's standard. The education goal that translates academic tax is the interpreter theory study that makes the student adopts a system, methodical of character of bigger to domestic and international influence interpreter theory, genre, delegate understands, for the interpreter henceforth practice lays solid theoretical foundation. Translating the main content that carries out a class is the interpreter practice that has as academic as the interpreter synchronism, make the student passes an interpreter to practice understands and be familiar with all sorts of interpreter skill, the knowledge that enhances Sino-British language and culture difference to be affected to the interpreter, increase actual interpreter capacity then.

Obtain employment direction: Be in branch of external affairs foreign trade, large company more, be engaged in translating the job mostly.

What learn course: Research of interpreter of oral interpretation foundation, written translation foundation, alternant oral interpretation, continue oral interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, style, literature interpreter, practical writing interpreter, document interpreter and practice, west translates academic essentials, interpreter theory of theory and skill, oral interpretation and skill, language and interpreter.

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