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Whole nation of second half of the year translates professional competence (leve
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Whole nation of second half of the year translated professional competence 2005 (level) the exam will be held at coming 13 days on November 12, job signing up already began recently. Exam achievement eligible, can obtain the letter of national profession qualification that issues by human affairs ministry -- " People's Republic of China translates professional competence (level) certificate " .

The whole nation translates professional competence (level) outside taking an exam to unite program, China by human affairs ministry, article bureau is in charge of an organization carrying out, it is the authoritative interpreter that faces a society in what translate professional series to execute professional competence (level) attestation, already brought into system of certificate of national profession qualification.
Exam cent is 4 grade, namely 3 class oral interpretation, written translation translates senior interpreter and just a little.

This one exam began in the city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou in December 2003 pilot, enlarged dimensions 2004, pushed in the whole nation in May 2005.

English pilot exam is in simultaneous interpretation of 2 class oral interpretation only this year Beijing is held. The basis concerns a provision, attend the examinee of simultaneous interpretation of 2 class oral interpretation, hold 2 degree the alternant certificate of conformity that pass interpret, can avoid one's deceased father " oral interpretation is integrated ability " , take an examination of only " oral interpretation solid Wu (simultaneous interpretation) " a course.
(origin: Sohu)

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