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Written translation expert talks about interpreter major to take an exam
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Professor Lu Min talks about written translation: (the whole nation translates vice director of qualificatory test center, former in the center of compile expert of bureau written translation, the whole nation translates major qualification (level) committee member of exam committee of experts)

The a bitth: Pay attention to objective evaluation
Analytic exam outline can discover, exam of 2 class, 3 class divides English written translation to be mixed for integrated ability written translation solid Wu. An university undergraduate course is being read unripe, pass only 4, only of 8 exams, the possibility that passes 3 class written translation will be very large. Analytic problem, in written translation for instance integrated ability divides 3 level a part: The first part, vocabulary and grammar; The 2nd part is English reads skill, the 3rd part is to be over form fill a vacancy, this 3 parts are objective problem. This to the student it is very excellent. Professional to English major and blame English for, have certain language base, carry these 3 problems not quite. Written translation solid Wu is taken an examination of in interpret flower, Ying Yizhong. What 2 class differ with 3 class is, have need interpret is inscribed. This exam faces whole society, the examinee that attend may have learn science, have those who learn social science, of each domains have, need interpret problem wants to take care of the interest of each respect so, title, problem, picks material should let examinee can be accepted. 2 anthology highlight emphasize professional, two problems involve liberal art aspect one piece, a problem involves science department aspect, take an examination of the major that lays him foundation, oneself interest to choose freely.

at 2 o'clock: The detail of the exam.
Exam outline is countrywide interpreter qualification (level) the guiding file of the exam, it is the basis of exam proposition, also be the important and referenced guideline that should try personnel. Exam proposition is contacted cheek by jowl with outline, have a thorough grasp outline, can realize go out how to prepare, everybody should learn exam outline seriously. The whole nation translates a qualification (level) cent of exam of exam written translation is written translation the test of integrated ability and written translation solid Wu. I go out in passing, break up flower, flower the examination questions in breaking up, the discovery when correcting a problem was full of spelling mistake. Translating major is the major with an extremely powerful technology, not was to learn English, passed 6 class to take an exam to be able to make an interpreter. The interpreter is a the Eclectics, not only the English vocabulary with many need, understand the cultural background of China and English country somewhat even, have practice to exercise opportunity ability to become an interpreter. The person that makes an interpreter should be not put in language problem, if you are made,much lexical error, solecism still exists when translating, that does not talk to went up to translate. Additional, the interpreter is not sentence-making, to the sentence sentence go to, want to have the skill of oneself, have the law of oneself. Increased written translation integrated ability, the purpose is to examine examinee is accurate to English vocabulary applied ability, make an on-the-spot investigation synonym, close to English the degree that the usage of language of habit of justice word, English masters. A word can use a word namely. When everybody learns an interpreter, the proposal prepares two glossaries, ying Ying dictionary is consulted more when translating, do not see English-Chinese solely. English is very exquisite the difference of the deep administrative levels of the word. Made interpreter time grow to be able to realize this differentia different. Exam requirement is to master vocabulary of 5000 above English, this is commonly used vocabulary, thinking through English light of 3 class written translation masters 5000 vocabularies is insufficient for certain. English written translation 3 class take an exam, the ability of meet an emergency when main check professional is being translated and judgement ability, apply the ability of relevant knowledge and standard integratedly. Syntactic part, analytic sentence, notice syntactic regulation. Master the meaning of the word, discriminative synonym and close justice word. The exam faces a society, select material is extensive. Have the different style such as politics, diplomacy, commerce, science and technology, industry, agriculture. Read in English in, have 4 English reads essay, wait for the select material in book of newspapers and periodicals from England, United States, Australia, New Zealand. When examinee is preparing, should read more different and stylistic, different style, enlarge information content, enlarge intellectual face. Be in in form fill a vacancy, have an essay, general a sky can write a word only, every are empty one minute. Written translation solid Wu, considering practical, give a title by the expert that translates forefront. Interpreter bound has two groups now: It is academic group, it is economic group. Give a problem this to emphasize practical, because somebody does not know interpreter skill, but be engaged in for a long time translating a profession, can obtain letter through the exam, competency works. On select material of written translation solid Wu, in Ying Yizhong respect, those who pick English state is textual, namely the article that flower beauty personage writes with English. Interpret flower chooses home to publish commonly in outside the press that announce material, China publishs, book, it is the data that reflects Chinese condition commonly. When everybody prepares, emphasize particularly on somewhat, ying Yizhong reads the book of a few original, interpret flower reads the material of field of a few the press that from Chinese interpreter introduction gives person of country of other of abroad, world to look, magazine in.
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