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Certificate of countrywide English interpreter takes an exam (NAETI) brief intro
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Interact external as our country, international cooperates increasingly grow in quantity, the full-time of certain to having level translates the demand of personnel, education and attestation to also show its value increasingly. Translate the demand of personnel to get used to a society to be opposite, center of exam of Ministry of Education and course of university of Beijing foreign language talk things over, collaboration holds countrywide foreign language to translate certificate to take an exam. This exam is the exam of certificate of blame record of formal schooling that faces all citizen in what the whole nation carries out, full name is National Accreditation Examinations For Translators And Interpreters (NAETI) , basically test the written translation of examinee and oral interpretation ability. Have English only at present a language, may expand in the future other language. This exam is held first at was in Beijing area in November 2001, was in countrywide part area to carry out 2002. Once this exam rolls out the attention that got social all walks of life and welcome.

Certificate of countrywide English interpreter takes an exam (NAETI) cent is written translation and oral interpretation two kinds, each include 3 level. Exam eligible can obtain letter of certificate of certificate of primary written translation, intermediate written translation, advanced written translation respectively, certificate of certificate of certificate of primary oral interpretation, intermediate oral interpretation, advanced oral interpretation.

Certificate of ● primary written translation: Magpie of dispatch of destroy of word of ostrich of 4 Wan tan1huan4 seeks bell raw meat or fish? of ヒ of tamper of ⒑ of apricot of herd administer  can get the better of a run-of-mill file or the interpreter of the respect material such as business affairs works.

Certificate of ● intermediate written translation: 4 Wan tan1huan4 pushs bell raw meat or fish bilge  of administer of Mou Mu of  of ㄓ ⒑ dry up thanks ヒ ? to be able to be competent file of run-of-mill international conference, science and technology or the professional interpreter that wait for material via trade work.

Certificate of ● advanced written translation: Bell raw meat or fish 4 Wan bad H not Ze protruding  sails children's hair of case of  of collect of Mei Mongolian oak is swollen? of ぷ of Qian of ǜ of bank of moth of Qian of ⒁ of Ge of  of Mu of  of ㄒ enemy dizzy collect can assume a government sector advanced written translation works.

Certificate of ● primary oral interpretation: 4 Wan conceive bell raw meat or fish instrument R word thresholds Wu of Jue of son rich Nao sticks? of a huge legendary turtle of ぷ of wooden tablets or slips for writing of show off of eye of I  Wan

Certificate of ● intermediate oral interpretation:

Certificate of ● advanced oral interpretation: 4 Wan bad H feeds bell raw meat or fish  sails Mei Lv looks? of ぷ of wooden tablets or slips for writing of  of  of  of show off windowing Nao can assume a government sector advanced oral interpretation works.
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