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Exam of oral interpretation certificate warms up with each passing day
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In long triangle textual research of certificate of advanced English oral interpretation gradually welcome, because distinctive, certificate contains the form,this take an exam Troy is tall and suffer Shanghai and long triangle increasingly each city is broad English learner, be in especially the welcome of school undergraduate. A lot of examinee go to Shanghai on a special trip from and other places of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui, Shandong, Heibei, Beijing on a special trip to take an examination, formed " oral interpretation is hot " .

It is reported, english of delta of the Yangtse River translates certificate, namely " certificate of qualification of post of oral interpretation of Shanghai foreign language " the purpose is to be a country mechanism, enterprise or business groom and bring up a batch unit and branch of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals to be able to be competent negotiation of project of of all kinds concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, high level meets, the interpreter talent of press conference, news conference and international seminar. To the end of June 2002, already 6700 much people obtained this letter. Current, of Shanghai 3 endowment when personnel of the high level in company invite applications for a job, already nearly 60% medium, advanced oral interpretation label a foreign language kind one of necessary certificate. This certificate becomes those who enter a foreign enterprise " a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success " .

It is reported, level of English of above of high school of requirement of certificate of capability of base of English oral interpretation, medium, advanced oral interpretation (written translation part) requirement university 4, 6 class or coequal English level.

This exam leaves every year take an examination of twice, cent English oral interpretation of foundation of intermediate, English mixes advanced, English Japanese 4 categories. Advanced oral interpretation is in in the middle ten days of a month was mixed in March a weekday of the middle ten days of a month was comprehensive written examination in September, written examination eligible has oral test after left and right sides of a month, all eligible can win written examination and oral test this certificate. Fundamental class oral interpretation is in surely annual mixed April October, before time signing up is being taken an examination of about 3 months. Be about to enter next year the student that certificate of qualification of post of oral interpretation of Shanghai foreign language took an exam March began to sign up on December 20, end to ended on December 26.

The expert of English of center of attend in a advanced studies of Zhejiang new world that sets this exam to groom technically thinks, this exam has certain exam skill, the proposal does not loosen the synchronous exercise of written translation and oral interpretation when written translation takes an exam, listen, say, read, write do not slant division, take an interpreter seriously particularly, teaching material of have a thorough grasp, recite full text as far as possible.
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