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Oral interpretation exam should sign up
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Message of center of exam of Hangzhou town occurrences in human life, go up first next year famous general of newspaper of exam of abroad language oral interpretation arrived 26 days on December 20 between hold, the exam undertook on March 6 on next year. Hangzhou examinee need not go to Shanghai to be able to attend " certificate of qualification of post of oral interpretation of Shanghai foreign language " exam.

Center of exam of Hangzhou town occurrences in human life is the origanization construction of exam of Shanghai oral interpretation with Hangzhou only area. Content of exam of oral interpretation of Shanghai foreign language by read, 5 parts comprise oral interpretation, interpreter, audition, spoken language. Last year in September up to now Hangzhou already left took an examination of 3 times, shared 4073 people to attend an exam, the written translation that 1115 people passed the first level takes an exam, among them 57 people passed exam of oral interpretation of the 2nd phase.

Hangzhou city cadre grooms center, long triangle is in short supply the talent grooms service Hangzhou center is long triangle in short supply talent grooms those who assess a project to be in Hangzhou area groom and run an unit. Organization of the metropolis before this center is being taken an examination of every time reachs the oral interpretation expert with Shanghai, top-ranking Zhejiang to be offerred for student by the complier of oral interpretation teaching material before taking an examination of, groom. At present this center already began to accept groom sign up. In the meantime, professor Sun Mobiao comes to chief editor of teaching material of series of the member that the center will invite expert of exam of oral interpretation of Shanghai foreign language to comprise at the near future, oral interpretation Hangzhou offer lecture of oral interpretation special performance. Place signing up: Hangzhou city Wen Hui district edifice of 97 Hangzhou talent 4 buildings.

Origin: Qian Jiang is late newspaper

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