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Volunteer of Beijing Olympic Games is not easy
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2008 Beijing Olympic Games / incomplete abstruse meeting, the volunteer that the course makes an on-the-spot investigation and more than 1.7 million groom is offerred answer question from solution the problem serves to what assist medal to extend.

Miss Cai that wearing dress of conspicuous Olympic Games volunteer (transliteration) one grow length volunteer service to explain need remembers.

Regard the volunteer that provides a help for tourist in 550 information booth as a medium, she needs to smile to answer the tourist's question and satisfy the tourist's requirement as far as possible.

But after providing a service every time, miss Cai should be in the log of gules cover the media that perhaps visits to object of volunteer service duration, service, extending data has careful record.

This is not normally the operation flow of volunteer service, this is to have Beijing 2008 the volunteer service of Olympic Games characteristic, be managed strictly by the country and serve for the country.

Tsinghua university NGO (blame government organizes) Gu Xijin of institute assistant director says: "The government has him to organize the means of volunteer service, (and) preference such means is not to let volunteers each does things in his own way. "

In recent years, what be in China as volunteer service is budding, chinese government begins to encourage a kind " volunteer spirit " -- but not be blame government organization.

To be approved, NGO must want to be registered to the government, and participate in necessary operation by the government. The government often organizes collaboration with blame government, however often very nearsightedness. Look from governmental angle, NGO should be " the helper that the government offers a society to serve " .

Registering the treatment that receives with the blame government organization that did not register have apparent difference. The Red Cross, serve as " governmental NGO " , allege its have 20 million member; The the communist youth league has 75 million. What form bright contrast with this is, the NGO that did not register the most greatly has about 20 members only -- without legal status, they do not have a law normal raise the wind, also cannot develop a branch.
Gu Suo grows an explanation to say, the government does not hope NGO is caused " the society is not stable " .

Be in from them when the NGO of this locality after Sichuan shake each recognition is won in providing disaster relief while, the government was not passed in that way by what a few organizations expect adjust policy, gift more NGO freedom.

As contrary as this is, olympic Games volunteer was not regarded as menace. As it happens, the government approbates Olympic Games volunteer to help coming historic grand meeting.

On the congress of volunteer a rally to pledge resolution before going to war May, BOCOG asks about leader " the spokesman that Olympic Games volunteer wants to become Chinese peace to develop national form " .
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