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The quality of professional morality of the interpreter and dragoman
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Translating the job is the significant activity that people of a kind of stimulative each country has culture, science and technology, commerce communicates. Because of the cause of property of this one job, the personnel that pursues this one job is assuming special obligation, should have good professional morality.

1.Social responsibility
Interpreter personnel should bear complete responsibility to translation. The interpreter is wrong, the person that the likelihood is used to translation brings serious consequence, interpreter personnel should have responsibility to this. Accordingly, interpreter personnel is due high sense of responsibility.

2.Style rigorous
Translating the job is a kind of rigorous high strenth mental work. Interpreter personnel should have rigorous, dependable profession way, the style of any blundering, eager for quick success and instant benefit is unwell work at be engaged in an interpreter.

3.Accurate express the idea
Meaning of any solid Yu Yuan of translation Dou Yingzhong, the thought with accurate textual expression, content and form. Abiding by principle of this kind of dutiful is an interpreter worker is jural the obligation with morally. No matter plant comply with to translate theory or use method of which kinds of interpreter (be like metaphrase or interpret) , all answer to communicate textual meaning thoroughly.

4.Be proficient in textual
Interpreter worker should Xiao Yuanwen, perfectness with the language that will undertake an interpreter.

5.Knowledge encyclopedical
Interpreter worker should knowledge is extensive, to translating the understanding with due and enough object, to unfamiliar the job should not grant to assume.

6.Manner decorous
Once interpreter personnel assumed some interpreter job, answer to had been made with all one's strength namely. Cannot with " not familiar " , " unwary " , " time is too close " wait to serve as clumsy translation or fail to press the book mouth that takes the job that finish.

7.Be practical and realistic
Interpreter personnel should have honest quality. Difficult to any textual understanding or any expression of translation are difficult, should endeavor to consult concerned reference book, or consult to concerned personnel, must not adopt cutout, leakage, random interpret to wait " unconscious " method. This kind of course of action is pair of former writers, translation the course of action with consignor of job of use ability, interpreter and interpreter personnel extremely fraudulent itself.

8.Modesty is academic
In view of the interpreter the job asks to translate personnel to have deep foreign language strength and broad and profound knowledge, so interpreter personnel should have modest and academic mind, learn ceaselessly, raise foreign language level hard, raise intellectual scale. What be worth to be carried especially is, should learn each other between the person of the same trade, learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness.
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