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See a translation from the market, look how to learn an interpreter from the mar
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About countrywide interpreter professional competence takes an exam, about how take an examination, about how learning an interpreter, an immense number of books of concerned book it may be said in the bookshop, each website all sorts of column it may be said " full of beautiful things in eyes " , a lot of expert scholars already also wrote this column civil explain, the author hopes this to tell a few elder seriously to had said the platitude that does not know how many times: No matter be,learning at ordinary times still is examination room should try, no matter be,the company works, we ought to a bit more serious.
"A bit more serious " , with respect to this one word, with respect to this one platitude. But have very much what talk again is necessary, be in especially eager for quick success and instant benefit is windward with each passing day today, see the youth that all shows to blundering state of mind especially.
The author is engaged in English-Chinese translating education for years, have experience greatly to this, be opposite occasionally detest of a few phenomena, its are evil because the student works,often be perfunctory teach artisan and unripe. At the same time the author often does work of interpret of a bit school for the person, often know very well its are sufferred from, its suffering lacks responsibility heart by first draft translator more and come. The article comments at this point a few, tell only basic " manner " problem, be too busy specific give an example, but make one reference from the comrades that admit to prepare to should try hurriedly to can be offerred.
The interpreter is service of a kind of society, with design, medical treatment, law, accountant, seek advice, news, advertisement, exhibition, broker waits a service a moment to stand side by side, both neither is elementary not advanced also. As we have learned, the predicting production value this year is as high as global interpreter industry 270 much dollars, can bring the sale market of nearly 900 billion dollar for the user, amount to RMB makes an appointment with 7 trillion yuan. Asia-Pacific area occupies its 1/3, and the 1/3 left and right sides that Chinese market occupies Asia-Pacific area again. But with its he serves industry posture to compare internationally, interpreter course of study great majority of number of this production value is a service charge and a few public relations defray, fixed assets can be ignorred very. As associated as this photograph is personnel quality and manuscript quality (presswork and make quality wait for fixed assets with equipment more relevant couplet) problem, and the overall condition with these two current respects does not make a person hopeful.
These two respects are the self introduction that cites Chinese Electromechanical to export a manufacturer sincerely and the service instruction that export a product exemple, in light of all sorts of article records that amass according to the author, it is OK to be here aloud shouts one voice: The English part of 1/3 is inferior to, the reluctance of 1/3 counts metaphrase, be afraid the value that does not talk to go up to have sale on the international market, major paper quality is high, presswork quality is good, it is literal difference, and it is very poor a little among them, the boss did not look or just look not to understand to never perhaps regard as bout thing just.
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