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How does refine become freeze 3 feet are not killer of profession of bound of a
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Place does not tell the person of dragoman

Make the work that is not in one day into a famous outstanding interpreter talented person. Common saying says, simultaneous interpretation talent is a course " the devil trains " , not be general interpreter staff all can make a success. The harden oneself that needs period of time commonly is entered at the beginning of dragoman. In this paragraph of time, want to determine oneself professional direction as soon as possible, the thought belief of familiar homeland and foreign language country, viewpoint of value and thinking means, the process is here medium, promote oneself professional competence ceaselessly, after a few years, ability cuts a figure in a certain industry. Freedom translates personnel plum gentleman to say, he just was entered in the interpreter the company does an ox to do Ma Kuao when travel, the longest record is 3 days of 3 night never add up to an eye to drive draft for the boss; Had gone 8 years nowadays, he can have done a free translator easily in the home. If really strength is quite good, the diploma that gets advanced interpreter institute also is a way, but the number is very few. According to Introduction Chai Ming, recruit students of advanced interpreter college shares university of Shanghai foreign language 300 much people sign up, but only 10 people accord with recruit students to ask finally, had the latent capacity that makes handsome appearance of an eligible interpreter and quality.

People often sees interpreter personnel high pay, but what a lot of people know the joys and sorrows of life of its backside is very little. Good for the interpreter each conference, they should are opposite ahead of schedule that day the content of the conference, negotiate the culture of square both sides has a deep knowledge. When facing an interpreter, want to throw total energy, the look is not gotten 1:0 heart, even at any time ready-made, answer the special occasion that appears suddenly. An interpreter comes down, body weakling is met collapse. And written translation personnel, want to sit so that live, when the professional book that translates on 10 thousand words especially, want to read many relevant and professional knowledge extensively not only, and want resist loneliness, encounter the task to compare urgent work, carry lamp night fighting even a few all night. The netizen of an interpreter says: "Actually, the interpreter is very alone profession. "

The interpreter that defeat solution two big errors

Translating is not " machine "

The vice director Zhou Xiaofeng that translates a service center according to Shanghai introduces, current, not be very sufficient to translating an industry to know socially, when urgent need translates a talent, take them seriously very much; And when needing, feel they notted matter. Really, the job of a lot of people to translating personnel understands not quite, thinking to translate just is a microphone just, if saying others, with different language expression comes out and character; Interpreter personnel is waited a moment without his thought at all. Comparative, zhou Xiaofeng thinks, "The interpreter is not a machine " , a good interpreter personnel, need to bring the knowledge of each respect into play, come out the interpreter of viewpoint lifelike ground of others, encounter culture difference especially, or when the adage with each distinctive countries, the initiative that translates personnel at this moment can be highlighted more come out, its extensive knowledge is agreed with easily by other.
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