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Simultaneous interpretation talent fosters: "The tower of ivory " in make interp
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Simultaneous interpretation regards an interpreter as means " pyramid tower is pointed " was gifted for quite a long time a mysterious aureola. Because be versed in feel embarrassed is spent big, from personnel of course of study little, firewood proposes a toast redound is tall, the gold that passes dragoman to also become a lot of person within sight but beyond reaches together gets a profession. Pass dragoman together rare the report that lack sees Zhu Baoduan time and again. The day that translates education as home extends maturity inereasingly, the college has become education nowadays this kind " pyramid is pointed " main base of the talent. Culture international seminar was crossed Sino-Frenchly to go up in the 5th when Guangzhou holds a few days ago, the teachers and students of language institute is university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language on the west congress was offerred medium, flower, law, Russia, heart, on the west, meaning the simultaneous interpretation of 7 kinds of languages, make the expert of different country can be in the information that receives to be communicated to the conference secondhand temporarily.

As we have learned, be in early 1973, u.N. is contributive in open of university of Beijing foreign language dragoman grooms class, change subsequently turn advanced interpreter into the institute, develop up to now, a batch of outstanding simultaneous interpretation professional had been fostered for our country outside north, take on on all sorts of international conferences important task. In September 2003, advanced interpreter institute built university of Shanghai foreign language again the simultaneous interpretation base of Shanghai only, recruit Master graduate student, education is the same as the ability that send a person technically. This base sets conference oral interpretation to train a classroom, 8 are set to send dragoman case together inside, the education that can wait for a language to begin simultaneous interpretation for English, French, German, Japanese, Russian and groom. Train a system to build this to cover conference oral interpretation, the school invests funds in all many yuan 800, to simultaneous interpretation education offerred essential condition. Current, department and department of foreign language courtyard also built the interpreter courtyard of a lot of countrywide colleges to be the same as severally pass training center, for example university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language is advanced interpreter institute, groom via dragoman of class of the Ou Gao in trade university external the 2nd foreign language of center, Beijing the institute.

Choose, fall into disuse restrict sponsorial ability quality

Advanced interpreter prexy Professor Mu Lei tells university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language the reporter, at present the college fosters simultaneous interpretation dragoman to be centered in administrative levels of Master graduate student commonly. Because pass training to need to cost much time exercise together, won't devote oneself to to develop language skill of the student like undergraduate course phase, consequently need student has quite excellent the gift of tongues when one enter a school.
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