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Caption group: The favour is hit into edge ball
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Compulsory labor interest drama of abundant interpreter name competes against time intense Spring Festival is not off
Spit groove to do laugh at quality pursuit art is everlasting pilfer edition hijack is done unexpectedly from dig down " marry the garment, -- "

This is a group that holds to a network to share spirit, they cost a large number of energy and time to accomplish the thing that does not have pay completely -- act of the character in matching for work of foreign movie and TV. Because,be they, we just are able to abandon watch movie channel, went up to download the day of drama of foreign newest movie and TV with FTP, BT too. They are the caption groups in fokelore, alleged the network Sukhavati that does not involve fame and gain, get on one hand of numerous netizen chase after hold in both hands, bearing on one hand the pressure of the outside. This year in March, was to come out more the message that collective of ministry of inter block of wind soft caption resigns.

▲ development pattern

First translation changes free name 6 years pattern of form the whole day, Han, beautiful tripartite confrontation

The birth of caption group is apart from have 56 years of time only probably today, basically be the film that relies on campus net to translate a few abroad is mixed at the beginning move free. The left and right sides was in 2000 the undergraduate of school, can have shared the film with newest download, teleplay and cartoon through FTP. And of the college move member of free mass organizations, stem from pair of Japan to move the passion that overflow, begin to trying to produce a few translations, this batch of person can calculate the first ancestor that makes caption group.

Home has caption group 3 times the earliest using free forum is to roam cruel forum, move free garden and overflow confused home. Roaming is one of China's earliest caption forms, held water 2001, the Popsub of software of time axis tool that each caption groups use now roams namely the old member of the group writes.

Development arrives now, home had had a hunderd schools on greatly small caption group, present day of drama, Han drama, beautiful theatrical work the condition of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces. Suite of home's at present famousest caption of day theatrical work has two, it is group of day Jing caption and group of pig pig caption respectively, they have many vermicelli made from bean starch severally. And the group of Han drama caption of old brand has hot line of drama of Yycaf, Han, Han Liu the empire is waited a moment. As " lad is written down " , " libidinal city " , " escape from prison " wait for the popularity that is in China, beautiful theatrical work also has made caption group in a giant. Affect group of the biggest caption of beautiful theatrical work to basically have 3, the YYeTs that is atelier of YY of sound of Eden, image respectively is beautiful group of soft caption of play staff and huge rock sharp wind.
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