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Canadian business migration is summarized
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The birthplace of maple leaf, living heaven -- Canada

Environment beautiful, scenery beautiful, air pure and fresh, climate is delightful, natural disaster is little, she 3 annulus sea, border with American photograph south; Land area kilometer of 9.98 million square, vast territory and abundant resources, rich is very rich, population only 30 million, basically live in the south to near border area of the United States, it is the area on the world the biggest but the country with population the smallest density; Economy booms, with abundant oil mineral products, lumber, marine wait for resource celebrated, in last few years the development of the industry such as communication, papermaking, steely, car, make its ascend personally at the world power of 7 big industry, tremendous development potential makes its become one of states that have competition ability most;

The life is stable, average household year economic income exceeds 50 thousand to add yuan, every have a housing that belongs to his, average per capita a car; Society stability of advanced, politics, law is perfect, advocate democratic freedom; With multivariate culture and much more phyletic peaceful coexistence, develop jointly and proud; Esteem reachs all sorts of culture bequest, encourage new immigrant, maintain and develop this ethical culture and tradition, build new home; Canada had not sufferred war and seismic effect, enthusiastic, genuine, honest, kind-hearted; Official language is English and French, chinese is labelled the 3rd language that uses generally greatly...

Develop opportunity and perfect social welfare goodly

Rise of economy steadily, the rapid development of high-tech, be taught outstandingly and groom the system offerred sufficient, good development opportunity for new immigrant; Perfect social welfare system absolves your trouble back at home thoroughly again.

The job ensures: Perfect unemployment guarantees a system, dole and free profession skill groom, make you are no longer unemployed and pained;

Medical treatment is safe: Medical treatment at public expenses of executive the whole people guarantees a system, any families and individual need to pay very few medical treatment insurance premium only, can enjoy service of full medical treatment freely, include be in hospital, cure, gravid examination and baby to be born wait for all sorts of charge;

Senile welfare: Year full the emeritus personage of 65 one full year of life can get pension and old-age pension;

Domestic material benefits: Children from be born to be able to get children welfare gold (call milk gold again) . The woman still has maternity leave and other each welfare.

Outstanding system of education

Elementary school, middle school is taught freely, and the stipend that can enter university, campus to be able to apply for a government to offer directly or student interest-free loan need not take an exam after graduation, relieve economic pressure;

New immigrant can enjoy free English, French to groom reach new emigrant life to coach.
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