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Pass the Central Bank to invest American deficit to already added type of those
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The intermediary outside occupying reports, because its are in the United States the investment value shrink of bonds and mortgage loan market, the means problem that Chinese people bank has begun to enrich its capital gold with Chinese Ministry of finance had a talk.

Cite of new York Times is familiar with talk inside information 3 times not word of personage of message of sign one's name says, chinese people bank throws about 1 million in 7 years (-727379968) the mortgage loan that the dollar buys American bonds and Fang Limei and room to borrow the United States to issue backs bond, but during its the capital gold dimensions of 3.2 billion dollar did not see growth however.

This newspaper says, the kind that the Ministry of finance takes the most likely is, the bond of orgnaization of direct will other government turns to person travel.

Report still says, note by the Ministry of finance endowment will reduce person travel independent character. The Ministry of finance appreciates to be held in the arms all the time to the RMB reject an attitude, this or will produce certain effect all right to the person.

The newspaper says, go 3 years, chinese people bank advocates a RMB to appreciate steadily all the time. Nevertheless this currency appreciates the low redound that together with invests in American market, those who bring about investment of person travel dollar is actual year deficit is as high as 10% to control.

The word of Victor Shih of expert of Central Bank of China of university of northwest of Chicago of quote of new York Times says, more or less be although the person goes to invest value shrink actually,the national secret that Yan Jiabao guards, but the person goes a lot of officials or to its deficit expresses more and more dissatisfaction.

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