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Investment western favourable policy is great

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Encourage a foreign trader " enter on the west " investment

Development will increase strength to encourage a foreign trader to invest to center-west region western. Encourage measure to include: To limitation kind establish condition and market to open rate with purpose of proportional of equity of demarcate foreign trader, can relax appropriately than area of the eastpart part; The foreign investment company that urges area of the eastpart part goes to center-west region reinvest, the foreign trader invests scale to exceed the project of 25 % , inspect invest an enterprise with the foreign trader, enjoy corresponding treatment.

Credit tilts

Support western big development will become a country to develop a bank to be in the key that credit of period of time will work henceforth. This year in January, the country develops a bank to establish Lanzhou subsidiary bank, business enclothes Gansu Province, Qinghai, Ningxia, serve northwest development directly. On Feburary 17, the country develops bank Chengdu branch and Sichuan province government to reach package agreement, plan to provide loan of 53 billion yuan of RMBs to Sichuan province, use at supporting traffic, communication, tap water, new and high technology, city to build to wait, among them 3.8 billion yuan of loan already implemented first project entirely.

Highway: Carry out western project of development big channel

The the Ministry of Communication continues to accelerate on one hand western construction of line of mainstay of area nation line, carry out the key on the other hand western project of development big channel, the key plans 8 highway big channel, overall length is close 1. 50 thousand kilometer, the plan is in future builds 20 years inside time, investment will amount to 120 billion yuan.

Railroad: Invest one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan of course of development ten thousand and eight

"15 " during, western railroad is large and medium-sized investment of project capital construction predicts to will achieve 100 billion yuan or so, to 2005, railroad predicts to will be achieved western 1. 80 thousand kilometer. Reach north of construction god wood to Yan'an north railroad, Xi'an in good health railroad, inside early days of the elder brother railroad, railroad that enter Tibet works. Still will build chicken of treasure of Gansu sea railroad to come to Hefei railroad, individual plant continent to Lanzhou multiple track, Xi'an multiple track of 6 dishes of water, could there be to change railroad to the bosom to Chongqing then, amount to a county to come railroad of 10 thousand counties, 10 thousand counties strive for start working construction to halfback railroad to city of branch city railroad, Taiyuan.
Domain of 3 big focal points is knocked calm

The state committee of planning will be right western the infrastructure construction of the area, zoology construction and advantage estate development and structural adjustment undertake planning, it is these 3 respects certainly western the key domain of development. It is construction of irrigation works establishment above all, include highway, railroad, airport inside traffic construction and urban infrastructure construction, use loan of international banking organization morely Yuxibude the construction project of the area; The country still prepares to be in next Five-Year Plan and the national debt that issue currently, support the infrastructure construction western with greater devoted strength.
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