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Company director, director and professional go to visa of beautiful access L1 qu

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L-1 visa is summarized
L-1 visa
L-1 visa is the manager that signs and issue foreign company, a kind of visa of company of the accessary orgnaization that director and professional assign are in the United States to its, subsidiary, relevant company or joint-stock firm work. Cent is L-1A and L-1B two kinds.
L-1A signs and issue the manager that goes to American branch or director, the resident time that its are in the United States is the longest can amount to 7 years
L-1B latter autograph grants his professional, the resident time that its are in the United States is the longest can amount to 5 years
Current, american government goes to American open company to urge person of this one part, opportunity of obtain employment of stimulative economy prosperity, creation, in tighten up other and of all kinds visa while, do not have quota limitation to L-1 visa.

L-1 advantage
L-1 visa is in all blame in immigrant visa, be most can compatible the strong point of some this visa, in order to cast off a kind of exclusive visa of the adverse place of another some of visa.
1, this company should be only outside American condition, what its belong to authority to who be and do not have an influence.
2, green card can file instantly after classics L-1 goes to the United States, and obtain more easily, it belong to a few kinds a few is OK to belong to a few kinds a few one of categories that permanent labor card applies for exempt.
3, classics L-1 goes to the United States, its family can be followed row; After children is handling corresponding application, the United States also can be gone to inside 3 years, and like American children, can enjoy the education of public school.

The expectation of L-1 visa
After the WTO that undertook ten years in China applies for long-distance running, joined the community of WTO successfully eventually. To the heat of this global collective attention, everybody pays close attention to abroad transnational corporation too much to grab beach China, however oversight this also is chinese mainland at the same time is large and state-owned the auspicious opportunity that reachs civilian battalion enterprise to take door going abroad.
Through the remarkable success of 20 years of reforming and opening that chinese mainland attracts worldwide attention, at present one batch is had quite the enterprise of dimensions wants to widen in North America oneself market. But since from 1997 L-1 visa is tightened up to the policy of chinese mainland, a few friends flinch to bringing, actually this is a kind of mistake. The firm that American emigrant law-officer also admits to chinese mainland has a certain quantity of management in order is very glad to give approval, but should give to the company of a few pass away the sham as the genuine refuse or strict checkup. But to not be the emigrant officer that knows very much to chinese mainland enterprise for, offerring application material to whether perfect ability is approval or the important basis that do not approve. How preparing data so is a knowledge really.
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