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Canada invests emigrant application condition

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According to the specific requirement of the definition of immigration laws and visa, application Canada invests emigrant essential condition to include:

1, own the 800 thousand clean property that increases yuan of above, and can be offerred prove these asset to come from about the data at be being managed legally, asset form can be: A variety of forms such as assets of bank deposit, company, house property, stock, negotiable securities;

2, manage successfully inside 3 years before the applicant needs to prove he ever were applying for, control or head a company, or the comprehensive management experience that has 3 years of above;

3, after succeeding like interview, the bank that the applicant can approbate to Canadian government or investment firm invest the amount that the government that impose a state sets, investment amount should be achieved at least 400 thousand add yuan. Average investment means has two kinds:
(1) sum invests: After requirement investor interview is successful, invest to Canadian government nominated bank or investment firm 400 thousand add yuan, repayment of capital does not have accrual after 5 years.
(2) loan invests: After your interview is successful, invest to Canadian government 120 thousand add yuan, the financial orgnaization that the others part appoints by Canadian government provides loan, amount is 400 thousand add yuan. Return without capital after 5 years still.

4, healthy;

5, without criminal record.

Application invests emigrant advantage

1, Canadian investment immigrant is in all countries (wait like the United States, Australia) in investing immigrant, successful rate is top;

2, in program of immigrant of Canadian of all kinds application, investment immigrant enjoys lien;

3, Canadian government does not have any additional requirements to investing immigrant, there is authority to choose to whether be Canada after Canada of investor be born deal;

4, the requirement of ability of nescient to investing immigrant applicant all previous and English, French;

5, applicant of requirement of the ability after interview is passed invests, fall investment risk to lowest.

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