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Canada invests emigrant overview

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Current, the kind that Canadian investment immigrant plans to allow investor to pass investment Canada emigrant fund and gain status of Canadian permanent immigrant. Canada " immigration laws " emigrant to " investment " defines as follows:

1, the applicant must be managed successfully, manage or control a company, this enterprise needs those who have 3 years of above to register time;

2, individual net assets of the applicant needs to be in the 800 thousand above that add money (add up to a RMB 4.8 million yuan) ;

3, the foundation that the applicant must approve federally to Canada invests, amount is 400 thousand add money. Once this investment reachs the designated position, do not get cancel 5 years, and cease to not have; The applicant also can apply for loan to the bank, but need to pay loan interest to the bank, amount is made an appointment with 120 thousand add money;

4, the applicant must prove he once was run successfully, control, directive or it is to had run a company at least.

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