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About German knack of doing business

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About German knack of doing business

German have a kind of renown magic figures drawn by Taoist priests to invoke or expel spirits and bring good or ill fortune actually the reputation that stresses efficiency, the technical level of their enterprise is extremely exact, to the product that sell or buys they ask top quality. With German deal, you must make the product that they believe you OK and contented trade the high always level of each respect of the regulation, going up somehow, the evaluation that they are negotiating to be behaved mediumly to you depends on you whether ground of be convinced making a person explains you will abide by a promise.

They want to undertake sufficient major prepares for certain before undertaking exchanging views. This kind of preparation wants the product that buy or sells in the light of you not only, and the company that also includes to study you carefully, see you whether can regard a potential business as associate. For example, the company financial condition that they consider to know you after all how, whether does your proposal mirror instead this kind of financial condition. On capital problem, they are particularly conservative, do not wish stick one's chin out. Accordingly, you should prepare to answer the detailed question of the company about you and your proposal.

Their industry financing relies on a bank mostly (differ with England, they do not depend on security market to raise money company capital) . The bank on the world is scrupulous example. German invest to the project of firm only, method of use appropriate financing, get income firm thereby. They choose foreign company of collaboration, must be the thing that can offer a few place to do not have, and must be won't make economic strength of Germany is damaged.

Accordingly, german aux would rather buy native product, not be to stem from nationalism purely (unlike French in that way) . Domestic company gets than foreign company more careful examine. German company already gained reputation in place commonly, so if it can reach necessary level, it gets the business more easily with respect to the company that compares abroad. But Germany is not be in forestall in all technologies and product side. If the foreigner has the advantage of German be not a patch on in technical respect or the high level that the foreigner's product has German place to ask, they also can buy the home made product outside these.

You should show to them your product can satisfy their requirement, and accomplishing this is very hard. Do not think you can have you easily then the product of unique value sells German, although this kind of product is them,be badly in need of. They may be the products that long to buy you, but go up from their negotiation means, you do not look to go out this a little bit absolutely.

German special kind grows commercial negotiation, once they decide to buy can think method to make you concessional. German negotiator often tries to let you lower the price in the last hour before signing a contract, accordingly, you are best somewhat beware of, perhaps refuse, perhaps make ultimate concession.

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