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German investment climate

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Investment climate overview

German investment climate is OK its should nod choose to undertake an analysis from following respects:

1, politics and legal element
In element of the Germany in western world with " legal country " celebrated, its " economic standard " make already early and complete, economic activity has in Germany, law and policy dividing line are clear, diaphaneity is tall, but foresight is strong, be helpful for the plan of the enterprise and operation. On economic system, germany implements social market economy, execute market economy principle already, the country gives proper society adjusts again, to competing medium puny person try to give aid to, avoid the become acute with contradictory society. The society is stable, large-scale intense society conflict happens rarely, be helpful for economic development.

2, monetary policy
Have an independence, strong central bank (federal bank) the monetary policy with executive effective stability. Euro is strong, price is stable, there is very tall reputation on the world. As a result of its economic system is perfected, economic base is solid, economic policy is coherent and consistent, germany comparatives in the credit on international capital market tall, in the grade result of orgnaizations of all sorts of famous grade of national financial condition, before Germany ranks commonly a few.

3, scientific research and productivity level
Germany has power of abundant scientific research technology, very high productivity level, make in the machine especially, the sectional technology such as car, chemical industry is advanced, add quality tall, service condition is good, the product is popular world each country. "Germany is made " had become a kind of quality to assure, this one figure is in heart investment company to the foreign country undoubtedly the sale of the product has profit.

4, education and groom system
Higher education is avoided receive tuition, of young worker and on-the-job worker groom and reeducate has one a complete set of is complete and advanced system, be evaluated by the height of world each country. This assured the overall level of German labour force and mechanic team. Be in Germany, high salary got compensating through tall productivity. In European other country, you won't discover more those who accord with productivity requirement, the labour force with higher quality. Germany is the hi-tech level with it and creation science are famous: According to the comparison of achievement of hi-tech of international average per capita, germany lists a world the 2nd, in the European Union all high-tech study in, germany is occupied 40% ; The measure of a standard that weighs research and development work namely patent declares a measure, in Europe in all the Germany in body is located in the 2nd. The foundation of economic structural frame of German tall function and stable currency provided a healthy investment climate further.

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