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New Zealand invests immigrant

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The applicant's postulate:

Invest 1 million New Zealand at least yuan () of nearly 4 million RMB, investing way can be means of bank time deposit

Two years above is in business experience

The age is less than 85 years old

IELTS exam achievement achieves 5 minutes

Line of emigrant now mark is 12 minutes

  Investment demand:

1, investment fund can be advocate applicant individual asset, also can be advocate the capital fund with applicant and its spouse, mutual children. If be advocate applicant and the capital fund with mutual someone else, criterion advocate all parts can identify the applicant to invest capital.

2, inside about one year after application is approved (the time) that inspects principle of business migration official to approve a letter to give out, the applicant needs to turn capital into New Zealand, and need be New Zealand yuan configuration. Investment fund can be used at active investment, for instance the business invests; Also can put fund in the bank only or other finance orgnaization.

3, investment fund is indispensible in New Zealand churchyard two years, investor cannot use it at the individual to consume (if purchase house property or houseboat) , investment income ratio can be controlled arbitrarily like bank interest.

   Plan cent expresses category of immigrant of investment of current New Zealand

The age invests capital (new money) commercial experience 25-29: 10 minutes of $1, 000, 000 1 divides 30-34: 9 minutes of $1, 500, 000 2 divides 35-39: 8 minutes of $2, 000, 000 3 divides 40-44: 6 minutes of $2, 500, 000 4 divides 45-49: 4 minutes of $3, 000, 000 5 divides 50-54: 2 minutes of $6, 000, 000 11 divides 55-64: 0 cent

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