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Tunxi Public Security Bureau held a "translation of the pool," Launching Cerem
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Recently, Tunxi Huangshan City Branch of the Public Security Bureau held a "translation of the pool," launch of the Immigration Branch of the Joint Team Street police station has been carefully selected, to enthusiastic public security, political, and foreign language proficiency into the excellent pool of talent in foreign languages, hired as needed from the Institute, travel agencies, enterprises and institutions of the nine best foreign language translators, Public Security Bureau set up a community pool of foreign language translation, foreign language covers of English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, etc., for public security agencies to provide translation services. In recent years, with the city's economy, the continuous development of society, to the number of foreigners increased year by year, Tuen the same time, various types of cases involving foreigners event also will be increased. Community to establish the pool of foreign language translation, will greatly improve the public security organs on the lack of foreign language translators for all types of foreign-related events in the case of disposal of language to provide strong support for the Shanghai World Expo will provide security protection language. It is reported that the pool is established, the branch will strengthen the daily management of foreign language translation, language translator for every community to establish a personal file, and according to the case of incidents involving foreign language translation needs and the use of continuous adjustment, full, true expertise to play a social language translation, to combat the public security services, security services, foreign tourism downtown.
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