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Eight simultaneous translation memories of Mao Zedong Communist "stuck" for 15
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To Chairman Mao do my first translation is the fall of 1956. I was 22 years old, just from the Beijing Foreign Languages Institute (now Beijing Foreign Studies University), graduated in Spanish. I can not wait for a summer vacation to visit relatives back home in Xuzhou, a. Because my mother did in the street sale Jin The end of 1950 to work I had no idea that soon after assigned to Beijing, but also under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Foreign Language Academy. I learn at school five and a half, two years of English, three and a half west language. 'm From, we are proud to participate in the revolution, while I study my mother has always enjoyed their dependents during the treatment, holidays, local governments often come home to comfort, my mother was very proud, so do the street work, especially to sell fresh, often by recognition and awards, house covered with awards. I went home to visit is mainly to see my mother, with her chatting, visiting friends and relatives, make her happy. My father is a teacher, when the war went to Sichuan, a take 8 years, no news, did not return until 1945, but married. Xuzhou back after living in school dormitories, rarely home, so my mother is very lonely, but she is so over ten years, and has been used. I know the sufferings of her heart, so much time to come back with her as much as possible, not leave her side. However, the summer of 1956, I have not had a few days at home, the school received a telegram urging me to return to school immediately. Although my mother and I am sorry, but I did not hesitate to return to school, because that time arrangements to obey the organization, not about personal gains and losses. Serbian translation came from under the door After I returned to school, leading me to immediately translate to the Xiyuan Hotel at the Eighth Party Congress report. Translation of the overwhelming majority of comrades at the Beijing Foreign teachers and graduates, we are familiar. West language group there Mengfu my teacher, my classmates Tang Bosheng, the International Liaison Department of the old translation of Chen Qinghai, Chen MS, Tsai CPAFFC translation of the same old profile and so on. We have eight work is translated before the opening of the file has been prepared. The work of the General Assembly designated the Western language simultaneous interpretation of three individuals: a Chen MS, Tang Bosheng and me. Chen is an old translation, a lot of experience, Tom and I were inexperienced, we are seriously in the period of practical training to learn from him, benefit. The opening day, we are very excited, but I did not think I went for the leadership of Chairman Mao's designated simultaneous interpretation, and my heart both happy and nervous. Because simultaneous interpretation requires lightning thinking, the translation can not have a significant pause. Chairman Mao's opening address to get the translation group of the day, the day of the translation, beginning of the meeting, asked also a print shop to print, did not get back. When I entered the simultaneous boxes, empty hands, head sweat and sweat, felt extremely nervous. Comrades back guarantee to me that a translation as soon as I get from the box into the following years, but when Chairman Mao would have ascended the podium, when opened, has not yet sent in the manuscript. Chairman Mao's first words were "the Eighth CPC National Congress opened now." Translation of this sentence in the structure of Western and Chinese on the contrary, the verb "opened" on the subject to "the Eighth CPC National Congress" before. If I have a manuscript, when Chairman Mao began to speak naturally when I first read "Now the opening of the" Western culture. But now there is no script, so I can finish this sentence only after Chairman Mao began to turn, because I do not know, "Congress" after the verb is, not first "opening" to speak up. Although the translation when we translated the "opening", but did not get the final draft is not given a free hand in hand. Chairman Mao's speech, the "China's Eighth National Congress of the Communist Party," a long drawn out words, about 15 seconds, 15 seconds, which I did not speak, people outside Jisi. My head sweat and sweat, that is longer than 15 years. President has been insisting that the "opened" the words finished, the audience applauded when I was translation. Fortunately, a long time clapping, I translated the sentence, the applause is not over yet. Then just the translation into the bottom of the box to the door. I get one breath, the manuscript is my assurance. Later, in retrospect, feel that their experience is not entirely caused by stress, if experienced in advance I would have turned the subject, although from the Western point of view is not very good, but you can sync and the President's speech, which do the same for sound interpretation of the people is more important. Later, the leadership demands that we, in the absence of translation of the situation, not a one way translation, but it must be that the SI in the box a voice. With Qianmian experience, working behind the simultaneous interpretation is basically smooth, even in the absence of manuscript case, I have not been nervous. Looking back now, I really would like to thank the leadership of my trust, did not let me "give up halfway." Shake hands with Chairman Mao's two most well The General Assembly concluded the day is memorable, as the meeting Bi Mushi, the central leaders Yao met with all staff, we are excited to jump. You can now see face to face beloved Chairman Mao and other central leaders, who upset too! Met, we translate the comrades group arrived on the scene early on, I remember it was at the time of the CPPCC National Auditorium. We met in single file waiting for me and Tang Bosheng is the youngest, the other older comrades to us, we were crammed to rush to the left by as much as possible, as Chairman Mao came from our left, we can first see Chairman Mao, the first and shook hands with Chairman Mao, and then ran it again the far right hand. We really happened. Chairman Mao and other central leaders came in, I was so excited, just remember, and Chairman Mao, Liu Shaoqi, Premier Zhou and several other leaders, shaking hands, I immediately falling behind. The second to shake hands with Chairman Mao, for those of us young people, is the happiest moment. That night we talked excitedly to share our feelings of happiness, almost sleepless.
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