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Fifth Xi an Translation College received the "National Food Security Model"
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November 20 -21, by the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Agriculture, Customs, State Administration for Industry, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, State Food and Drug Administration and the Beijing Municipal Food Safety Committee co-sponsored, national Development and Reform Commission and the China Food Industry Association to jointly support the eighth annual meeting of China's food safety held in Beijing. Organizing Committee of Xi'an Translation College was awarded the "National Food Security Model", achieved the honor for five consecutive years the hospital's new record. The highest level of the annual meeting, an unprecedented size, called "brand of food safety event." 2009 "Food Safety Law" was promulgated, China's food safety regulators opened a new historical stage. The theme of the conference is "to ensure food security and build a harmonious society." In the morning of November 20 at the opening ceremony, former vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee, China's food safety Honorary President of the Organizing Committee Gu, vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee and Vice Chairman Bai Lichen Zhou Tienong and other leaders attended the meeting. Gu a speech at the opening ceremony, stressed the protection of food safety and food safety control and management of the whole meaning to do the work of the food safety requirements. Tertiary Xi'an Translation College Office Director Ding Huai Lan attend the annual award on behalf of the hospital. It is understood that, since 2003 the first annual meeting of food safety has been held for the eighth. Xi'an Translation College in 2005, "National Food Safety Pokka advanced units," the title and, thereafter, at the hospital for five consecutive years won the "National Food Safety Demonstration Unit," the honorary title of director of the hospital to do tertiary Ding Huai Lan also won the "China Food Safety management of advanced individual "title. Xi'an Translation College over the years always adhere to the "first-class private universities, the students do first-class dining, the West translated the work to achieve first-class food safety standards" as hospital life support system back focus of the work, the idea, high standards and strict From small, so that every student can eat healthy, so that parents at ease. The hospital management of continuous improvement in the cafeteria system, standardized management, food safety to the "first in command," an important position, relying on science and technology platform, the introduction of managed competition, insist on family care in the good management of food safety, "three see One does not "(see food, see the egg, see Cong, constantly file) quality free soup to become another highlight of the hospital canteen. In recent years, Xi'an Translation College in food safety, etc. adhere to the bulk of the main staple food sources of raw materials centralized procurement system, requiring students to canteens, supermarkets, shops must strictly implement the "one product, one license" and "cable card", "verify" principle. Students take various measures to reduce the operating costs of the canteen, in the management system to ensure that the regulatory process in a fair, just and open. Market prices continued to rise in the case of the tertiary hospital and students do to enhance communication, understanding and resolving some price adjustments in cases of controversy that may arise to ensure the stability of teaching and living order.
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