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Sun Jun assistant translated to the national team first non-professional backg
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"Cover to cover," Sun Jun constant reminder to the players on the sidelines, and just after a little man, wearing a pair of eyes to remind him who sets of the Beijing team tactics, and hear Sun Jun nodded, he had participated in the Beijing Olympic Games is the Chinese translation of Zheng Cheng basketball. And the identity of the national team is different from the identity of his team in Dongguan is an assistant coach, but he has not got the coach's induction certificate in China, not outside of this particular sub-assistant. And he appeared in Beijing's stadium, naturally, there are many old friends, former team leader Bai Xilin also came to see him and asked him the living conditions in Dongguan. "It all came good on all aspects of Sun guide also more likely to trust me, I assisted him to do some data analysis team." Cheng Cheng said. Less than 29 years old this year, Cheng Cheng is only 1.74 meters tall, in the large school team had been a bench, and joined the team in Dongguan, he thus became the first non-CBA history, a former assistant professional athletes. Previously, a teaching assistant from the translation there is no precedent in the country, "does have a lot of foreign countries, including the original Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy, coach Jose Mourinho football players are not born." Cheng Cheng said that although he and do not expect to be able to become a big coach like Mourinho, but he said he is also a target, "but I still have a lot to learn from, and Dongguan, the club has given me a good platform."
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