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Translation Yingyi Han tips explaining senior Geographical Names Names
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English place names, you can find books, such as the English dictionary, etc. Rejoice, the translation of names of geographical names is relatively simple, we translate place names must follow the "transliteration" principle. It should be noted: 1) with transliteration, caution Gallery Such as: names Wall, Sleep, translated: "Wall" and "Sleep" and not into "the wall" and "sleep." China can not be translated into the same names, "ceramic", which is also known things 2) Names and between the first and last name, with dot intervals, such as John Thomas Smith "John. Thomas. Smith." 3) The translation of some commonly used to memorize For example: Franklin Roosevelt Winston Churchill, Roosevelt, Winston Churchill Napoleon Napoleon Aristotle Aristotle Socrates Socrates, New York, New York Los Angeles New Orleans New Orleans, LA Chicago, Detroit Detroit Chicago Usually to see more information, not necessarily full-back out, but my heart to leave Dier, so you do not absurd the words in different contexts of translation skills among our translation tutorial on page 12, there on the see in The different circumstances in different contexts translation, indicating to potential The correct meaning of key words translated article, the first to note the grasp of context and context of the collocation 1) company of the translation He is fond of company. He loves to make friends Two is company, but three is none. Two into the company, but three Huan Among the company was an old man. One group of elderly people Who keeps company with the wolf, will learn to howl. Together with the wolf, the wolf will learn to call ("He who stands alone.") I fell into company with him. I happened to know him Misery loves company. Same boat The host amused the company with singing. Owner to entertain guests by singing He is employed in an electronic company. He was an electronics company 2) the translation of red and red English in red She was dressed in red. She was wearing a red When he started criticizing my work, I really saw red. Criticism he had come from my work, I immediately hit the roof
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