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Ivan Luneng dissatisfaction translation process too much grief to help Yexi Qi B
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Beijing at 15:30 on October 31, in the penultimate round of Super League, Kinder last home this season with 0 to 2 lost 10 men in Shandong Luneng. Kinder team in the game will be scored in several missed opportunities, lost the game fell to last place after the ranking. Relegation situation is precarious, the final round of the team must have a chance to win over relegation Nanchang. The game, Kinder team must score at least 4 times missed opportunities. 16 minutes left Kinder launched attack after passing through to the right, a cool ARAB knock the ball backward point, Sandro failed to hit a small restricted area of the Tui area, the ball slip out the door. Kinder fans site is very regrettable. The first 28 minutes, Sandro steals in the belt around the plug to pass over the top after the success of the Xie Chao, which reached the edge of the area by his opponent in interference with the ball after the re-adjustment of the keeper after the one-point play near Yang Cheng angle in the pursuit of column appears. 37 minutes, Kinder received right-sided free-kick opportunity, Sandro kick hit the ball after the point of leaping high captain header Wang Qiang, Yang Cheng saved the ball at the goal line. First half stoppage time, the super goal hero Lu Zheng scraping with a strong foul Wang Tao Ran into a red card was a direct punishment end. Kinder achieve numerical superiority, but they ultimately did not get the chance. 87 minutes, A Kani on the right line of defense after the break Luneng pass, follow-up Tuishe Closed Road Mladenovic, the results once again hit the ball pop up in the column. Kinder in a key relegation battle has become a full hapless. In the post-match press conference, Kinder coach Ye Xiqi look lonely, "I have nothing to say, we have several good opportunities to score, but did not grasp; we have good wishes before the game, But we did not win the game. "pause for a moment, Ye Xiqi still feel very sorry," we have many opportunities the first half, but Buddhism is not scored, the other side of the goalkeeper also did well. We lost too many opportunities , and a good chance, but we did not take it. Jinhui good team that is able to seize the goal, but we do not. " Ivanovic Luneng coach expressed satisfaction with the final result, "I am satisfied with the final score, we are more injury in this game, first half, Liu Jindong injuries, substitutions are very sudden. But in this case We won the next game, too bad. "Ivanovic, but some dissatisfaction with the process for the game," opponents get too many opportunities, in fact, our first half performance was not very good, with ups and downs. However, No one can guarantee there is no team ups and downs throughout the season. "Kinder lost for the game, said Ivan analysis:" opponents too want to avoid relegation, and they played some impatience. I hope we finally be able to play an away team Good, I hope Kinder eventually relegation success. " Kinder team of 11 to 10 in the second half, but the performance is much worse than the first half. When asked this question, Kinder has put up an own translation, translation Ye Xiqi answer is, Kinder translator, said: "We have no problem with players who performed well and created so many opportunities already not easy. is a problem with the club, the players are not satisfied with the club. "Just at this time, helped translate Luneng Kinder translation (Luneng coach Ivan and Kinder coach Ye Xiqi are Serbs), "The other side is the coach said the players created a lot of scoring opportunities, but has not reached the ball, the lack of ability to grasp the opportunity." After the news conference, the super translation once again that the meaning and Ye Xiqi not to say that the club has problems, but said the team's ability to seize the opportunity to bad. After losing the game, Kinder fell to last place, the final round of the team must have a chance to win over relegation Nanchang. The relegation situation, Ye Xiqi also appears to lack of confidence, "now is not to say, there is a match it, after the end of that game, everyone will know the results. If we could know the results, it is not a football match."
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