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Vacancies is not necessarily a bad thing Translation Award
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Lu Xun's literary translation award the fifth vacancy - honorable awards to the five full translations unsuccessful, which Lu Xun's Award is the first time in history. The Cruncher thought it was something to eat fruit fruit, did not think Lu Xun the pain killers, so that a literary translation prize to eat a zero. All voted five works, it seems not really choose the best big man came. Some say it is the shame of literary translation community can in my opinion, the vacancy is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, the trend of Literary Translation Award for the blank has been very clear as to when the gap is only a matter of time thing. National Translation Award for outstanding literary award with five places, the first and second are the five award-winning works, to the third, 30 in the eligible, literary translation, more than two-thirds vote of the only translation of Good Hope Field The "Divine Comedy" and Liao Yu Huang translated "Lehman sir", the jury ultimately had to give up the other three places. Translation of the fourth with Xu Jinlong Kenzaburo Oe, "Farewell, my book" and other works of three award-winning; to a fifth, less than 40 candidates, nominated 5. Obviously, literary translation prize in decline. Vice Chairman of China Writers Association, said Gao Hongbo, a decline in the quality of translations, reflecting the current trend of publishing industry and the fickleness of literary translation industry downturn of the status quo. But why the translation industry downturn? This is probably to be attributed to the lack of translators and translations dwindling readership. We now have a large number of foreign language professionals, but not many competent literary translators. Literary translators must not only have foreign language skills, but also have a strong literary foundation. Feng Zhi, Yang, Ji is also the older generation of literary translators. Translation state is required to achieve the three letters and elegance, there are a few people may be able to achieve such a request? On the other hand, translations, readers are getting smaller and smaller share of the mainstream of popular reading, there are a few people want to read pure literature translation work? No good works, not the spot to. Literary Translation Award for vacancies, while maintaining the seriousness of the Lu Xun, the other for literary translation industry raised a wake. Hope that vacancies be incentive to work hard from the translation community.
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