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Beijing is strange be short of simultaneous interpretation one hour 250 dollars
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1 hour make a price 250 dollar, invite those who hold the position of conference of high level international to pass dragoman together. Such " handsome reward " under " Yong Fu " still too little. Reporter yesterday from external classics trade university first " certificate of qualification of international conference dragoman " award ceremonially know, current, the advanced interpreter talent that Beijing is the same as to pass the meeting of;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to international that the orgnaization approves to pass oral interpretation to work together by the international such as U.N. , European Union still is not worth 50, and the Beijing that moves toward internationalization needs such on 1000 talented people at least.

Alleged send oral interpretation personnel together, it is teller says a foreign language, buccal translator is in the professional that becomes its interpret another kind of language at the same time almost. Because oral interpretation personnel asks a kind of foreign language in in a flash the interpreter comes over, this organizes ability, reaction ability and physical strength to have the demand that comparative to translating the language of personnel. The personage inside course of study says, colloquial personnel also eats green meal, they are the person above average in young interpreter talent.

According to introducing, the person that oral interpretation passes to be the same as on Beijing field at present drives buccal average price is: Every Nature's engineering makes the price since two hours 500 dollar, sometimes maximum price is 1000 dollar. At present already much place college values this to groom the market, external advanced interpreter institute, diplomacy institute is intended outside classics trade university, north make send oral interpretation talented person together. (Liao Houcai)

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