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Football term is Sino-British contrast
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Field place name says piece
Football ground of Field / PitchThe field in MidfieldThe field after BackfieldThe circle in Kickoff Circle / Center CircleHalfway Line central lineFoul line of Touchline / SidelineLine of Goal Line goalEnd Line bottom linePenalty Mark (dot ball) penalty shot dotPenalty Area forbidden zone (penalty area)Goal Area small penalty area (goal area)

Team title piece
Coach coachHead Coach bishop is experiencedAthlete of Football Player footballReferee judgmentLineman linesmanHeader of Captain / LeaderForward of Forward / StrikerMidfielder avant-courierLeft Midfielder left halfbackRight Midfielder right half backAttacking Midfielder attack avant-courier (before waist)Defending Midfielder defends model halfback (hind waist)Center Forward centerFull Back full backThe full back in Center BackLeft Back left backRight Back right backSweeper scavengers, pull HouzhongweiGoalkeeper of Goalkeeper / GoalieCheer Team cheering squad
Football technology pieceKick-off bullyBall of barb of Bicycle Kick / Overhead KickHalf high ball of Chest-high BallCorner kick of Corner Ball / CornerBall of Goal Kick goalHandball handballHeader headPenalty Kick orders a ballPlace Kick placementOwn Goal Wu LongqiuHat-trick cap magicFree Kick free kickDirect free kick of Direct Free KickIndirect free kick of Indirect Free KickStopping stops a ballChesting bosom stops a ballPass passes a ballShort Pass short passLong Pass is long passCross Pass horizontal stroke is passedSpot Pass ball is passed reach the designated positionConsecutive Passes passes a ball continuouslyTake A Pass receives a ballTriangular Pass triangle passes a ballFlank Pass foul line passes a ballLobbing Pass tall condole passes a ballVolley Pass be high up in the air passes a ballSlide Tackle shovels a ballGround ball of Rolling Pass / Ground PassHead of Flying Header startClearance Kick rescue sb from a siegeShoot shootClose-range Shot is shot nearlyLong Shot long shotOffside offsideThrow-in throw-inBlock Tackle front grabs chunkBody Check is held backFair Charge is reasonable collideDiving Header fish jumps headDribbling dish ball, carry a ballClean Catching (goalkeeper) receive high ballFinger-tip Save (goalkeeper) hold save in the palmOffside offsideDeceptive Movement false startBreak Through breakthroughKick-out kicks out of bounds

Football tactics piece
Control of Set The Pace attacks rhythmWard Off An Assault repulses offensiveBreak Up An Attack destroys offensiveDisorganize The Defence is roily defendTotal Football is attacked completely defend football tactics completelyThe football tactics that Open Football pulls openTactics of Off-side Trap offsideTactics of Wing Play wingProtracted tactics of Time Wasting Tactics
4-3-3 Formation 433 blast model
4-4-2 Formation 442 blast modelBeat The Offside Trap turns over offside successFoul foulsTechnical Foul technology foulsBreak Loose is cast offThe field in control of Control The MidfieldSet A Wall builds person wallClose-marking Defence stares at people's air defense to defend
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