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999 the most commonly used spoken English
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1.I See. I understood.
2.I Quit! I did not work!
3.Let Go! Let go!
4.Me Too. I also am.
5.My God! Day!
6.No Way! Be no good!
7.Come On. Come (at once)
8.Hold On. Wait a moment.
9.I Agree. I agree.
10.Not Bad. Pretty good still.
11.Not Yet. Still do not have.
12.See You. Goodbye.
13.Shut Up! Shut up!
14.So Long. Goodbye.
15.Why Not? Good! (Why not? (Why not??
16.Allow Me. Let me come.
17.Be Quiet! Bit quieter!
18.Cheer Up! Cheer up!
19.Good Job! Do well!
20.Have Fun! Play happily!
21.How Much? How many money?
22.I'm Full. I am full.
23.I'm Home. I came back.
24.I'm Lost. I got lost.
25.My Treat. I entertain guests.
26.So Do I. I am same also.
27.This Way. Ask here.
28.After You. You first.
29.Bless You! Bless you!
30.Follow Me. Come with me.
31.Forget It! Don't imagine that is possible! (Calculated! (Calculated!!
32.Good Luck! Wish lucky!
33.I Decline! I refuse!
34.I Promise. I assure.
35.Of Course! Of course!
36.Slow Down! Bit slower!
37.Take Care! Take care of!
38.They Hurt. (Cut) ache.
39.Try Again. Retry try.
40.Watch Out! Be careful.
41.What's Up? What thing is there?
42.Be Careful! Attention!
43.Bottoms Up! Cheer () seeing an end!
44.Don't Move! Must not move!
45.Guess What? Guess?
46.I suspect I Doubt It.
47.I Think So. I also think so.
48.I'm Single. I am lone noble.
49.Keep It Up! Hold on!
50.Let Me See. Let me want.
51.Never Mind. Never mind.
52.No Problem! Sure!
53.That's All! such!
54.Time Is Up. Time was gotten on for.
55.What's New? What is there new issue?
56.Count Me On calculates on me.
57.Don't Worry. Do not worry.
58.Feel Better? Good was nodded?
59.I Love You! I love you!
60.I'm His Fan. I am his filmgoer.
61.Is It Yours? Is this yours?
62.That's Neat. This is very good.
63.Are You Sure? Are you affirmative?
64.Have got to do of Do L Have To?
65.He Is My Age. He and I am of the same age.
66.Here You Are. Give you.
67.No One Knows. Do not have a person to know.
68.Take It Easy. Fasten insecurity.
69.What A Pity! Too regretful!
70.Any Thing Else? Even other?
71.To Be Careful! Must take care!
72.Do Me A Favor? The side is busy, ?
73.Help Yourself. Fasten polite.
74.I'm On A Diet. I am on a diet.
75.Keep In Touch. Keep in touch.
76.Time Is Money. Time is money.
77.Who's Calling? Which be?
78.You Did Right. You are done rightly.
79.You Set Me Up! You betray me!
80.Can I Help You? Can I help you?
81.Enjoy Yourself! Wish you play happily!
82.Excuse Me, sir. Gentleman, I am sorry.
83.Give Me A Hand! Help me!
84.How's It Going? How?
85.I Have No Idea. I do not have main threads of an affair.
86.I Just Made It! I was accomplished!
87.I'll See To It I will be advertent.
88.I'm In A Hurry! I am driving time!
89.It's Her Field. This is her one's own profession.
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