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Shoe kind Product Catalogue of product English catalog
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Component/ Components

Shoe drill rod, shoe-buckle Buckle

Advocate with Counter

Shoe eye Eyelet

Agraffe Fastener

Heel Heel

The shoe hooks Hook

In bottom Insole

Last of last for shaping a shoe

Liner Liner, lining

Needle Needles

Plastic / balata component Plastic/rubber Components

By buckle Press Button

Gou Xin, segment of a circle fills up Shank

Bootlace Shoelace

Sole, large base Sole

Motherboard Soling Plate

Steel Baotou Steel Toes

Along Welt

Wooden last Wooden Last

Slide fastener Zipper

Shoemaking equipment/ Shoemaking Machinery

Cut into parts makings/Plastic Cutting/Shaping

Go up automatically Automatic Cherokee Machine of machine of the copy in glue bag

Add up to groovy machine Channel Closing Machine

CNC Engraving Machines of numerical control engraving tool

Wrap edge machine Covering Machine

Cutting Press Knife of decide knife model

Edge Copying Milling Machine of machine of edge of profile modeling mill
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