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Double phraseology of line of business of commonly used shoe is collected (Chine
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Double phraseology of line of business of commonly used shoe is collected
Common Footwear Bilingual Words

Chinese-English part CHINESE - ENGLISH   PART

Edition division Sample Designer, (Shoe) Pattern Designer
Baotou, toe Toe protects key shoe, healthy shoe Healthy Shoes, healthcare Shoes
Benzene is toxic Benzene Poisoning
Stretch tight side Lasting
Cloth shoe Cloth Shoes
Decide Cutting
Factory director Factory Manager shapes (form) Shaping, forming
Work, migrant Labor of labor of going from place to place
Large base, sole Sole
Solely invested Solely-invested, pattern Grading of Sole Proprietorship lofting
Sew, needle car Sewing
High frequency High Frequency of high-heeled shoes High-heeled Shoes, HF
With odd Order Supervisor
Working shoe Work Shoes
Share-holding system Shareholding System
International Standardization Organization of international Organization for Standardization, ISO
Synthetic leather Synthetic Leather
Joint-stock Joint-ventured
Heel Part is helped after
Slide shoe Skateboard
Ice skates Skating Shoes
Slippery sandals Grass-sliding Shoes
Ski shoe Skiing Shoes
CAD Computer Aided Design, CAD
Household company Family-owned Firm
Check Check
Orthopaedic Shoe of shoe of glue Glue orthopaedic
Basketball shoe Basketball Shoes
Sandal Sandals
Travel shoe Tourist Shoes, travel Shoes
Jogging Shoes of slow running shoes
Cotton-padded shoes Cotton Shoes
Mould Mold, mould
Insole Insole
Running shoes Racing Shoes
Match colors Coloring
Leather Leather
Analyse layer skin, 2 skins Split
Fore part Toe Part, vamp
Man-made leather Artificial Leather
Flip-flops of person handwriting slipper
"Three-in-one " workshop Three-in-one Factory
Trademark of brand of beach shoe Beach Shoes, TM
Stylist Designer fashionable Fashion, vogue, fad, chic
Fashionable dress shoe, delicate shoe, decorate a shoe, full-dress shoe Dress Shoes, fashion Shoes World Trade Organization, WTO World Trade Organization. WTO
Colophony Resin
Privately owned Private
Plastic, plastic Plastic is concessionary management Franchise
Top-grain Leather of upper leather of bead of layer of head of Top Layer Hide of peltry of layer of head of Top Layer Leather of skin of layer of head of children's footwear Children Shoes
Slipper Slippers
Take off last Last Release
Foreign capital Foreign-funded
Civil member Office Clerk
Net shoe Sole-upper Linking
Modern Enterprise Management System of system of modern business management
The Trimming that cut a margin
Shoe Shoe
Upper, help face Upper
Shoe material Shoe Material
Bootlace Shoe Lace
Shoe-buckle Buckle
Shoe kind Footwear
Shoe pattern of Last of last for shaping a shoe designs Shoe Pattern Design
Recreational shoe Casual Shoes, leisure Shoes
Embroider Embroidery
Research And Development of research and development, r&D
Sample room Sample Room
Sneaker Sneakers, sports Shoes, athletic Shoes
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